Hi darling!

As you already know, I get most of my inspiration from the runway and my main goal is to bring runway fashion to the streets, so when I saw the Yves Saint Laurent Winter 20 show I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity to recreate some of these fantastic looks.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have already noticed that a key piece for these looks was the vinyl pants. They’re on-trend right now, but I still think they’re such a statement piece that we can wear so many ways that it’s almost becoming a classic.


The first look I created was this one. I decided to use this lace top with vinyl pants, a black blazer, and my YSL shoes. I got inspired by a very similar look but I decided to add the blazer to give it a little bit more warmth in these colder months. 


For the next one, I chose a black halter top and a brown blazer. This is a more business casual outfit and you can always change the top.


For this last one I decided to do something completely different, I wanted to put together an outfit that was a little bit more comfortable since the YSL shoes can be a little uncomfortable after a couple of hours so I put on some boots and a white top to match. I think this grey blazer completes the look and gives it structure.

Now, let me know which look was your favorite, and if you decide to recreate one of thee don’t forget to tag me on Instagram!

See you soon!

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