Work and Play – The secret to an outfit switch

There is sometimes a huge price associated with being social. Most often you find yourself saying yes to plenty of invitations at parties and when the weekend comes along and sometimes you’ve got to go to work and attend a party later, the big question you face is, “What do I wear?”
Work wear and party wear are such extremes that finding a meeting point gets difficult.
But don’t you worry!
If you’re stuck in a similar situation, here’s how you can work your way out of it.
The trick is to find one element in your look which works as formal wear and to keep the rest casual. The one element I’m referring to here is – The Suit Jacket ( I picked a yellow colored one, because I detest boring in any form).
Let me break down the basic clothes that you see me sporting here:
High-waist black denims: There is no color as universal as black and no material as universal as denim. So the choice is obvious.
Floral off-shoulder bodysuit: Bodysuits due to their ability to stay in place and look prim and proper no matter what is again a top choice when it comes to casual-work wear. I’ve picked a bodysuit that is floral and playful, it also goes really well with the yellow suit jacket. It always boils down to picking the right colors, doesn’t it?
Patterned sandals: Did you notice? Picking a plain jacket and jeans gives me the liberty to go wild with my choice of top and shoes. The colorful patterned shoes I’m wearing here are all set to hit the dance floor once work is over!
Post your work, all you would need to do is take off your jacket and let loose. It’s the weekend after all, so looking good while having a great time is the basic necessity.

Go on, buy your own work + play outfit, I’ve curated the best items for you below. Take a look!

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