Work from Home tips during COVID19, Fashion, Productivity, and More

Hey Darlings!

How have you been?

It’s a tough time for us all, and I think it’s also a time where community support from a distance counts the most.

Whatever is happening will try to bring you down, but darlings, how I’m approaching this is by taking things one day at a time.

Do that and hopefully, we will come out the other side victorious!

Because of the Coronavirus we’ve all been asked to work from home, I wanted to talk to you about how you can keep yourself feeling motivated in isolation.



1. Be careful about what you wear

It can be really tempting to wear your jammies all day.
But it is essential when you’re working from home, to get in the mood of working. This means, getting out of your home clothes.
You don’t need to put together a corporate blouse and trousers look, instead choose to dress comfortably.
Wearing summer dresses is a good way to go.
They are light, allow your skin to breathe and look really chic, so you can count on looking amazing in every video call.

I also would love you to take a hint from Anna Wintour herself, on her work from home outfit etiquette, read more here.

2. Learn to focus

The one thing almost everyone is struggling with right now is FOCUS!
I read this really interesting book by Chris Bailey, on the art of Hyperfocus.

Did you know? If we’re distracted while doing some work it takes us 26 minutes to regain that focus.

The Coronavirus news stories are trying to get our attention, and it’s working! But how can we make it stop?
The key is to manage our attention intentionally.

You can get this book to help you improve your focus: Hyperfocus
If you’re not a reader, then you can watch this video by the author instead: How to get your brain to Focus.

A quick tip I’d like to leave you with is that NOTIFICATIONS are the KILLERS of PRODUCTIVITY.
Block notifications so you can get a lot more work done.

There’s an app for that 😉 Try out Freedom. It will help you focus on only one task at a time and eliminate all distractions.

3. Know when to start and when to stop

The line between when you’re working, and where you’re not is currently blurred.
It’s up to you to be the master of your schedule.
Work from home can be a blessing or a curse based on what you decide to do with this opportunity.

“Use a startup ritual. You need this to transition from “home” to “work.”
Use a shutdown ritual. This helps you transition from “work” to “home.”⠀
– Michael Hyatt, Leadership Expert

I suggest you use RescueTime to figure out how much time you’re spending on work and manage it accordingly to ensure that you don’t let work trickle into your life.

4. Make time to Meditate

If you’re thinking, “Meditation! I do not have time for that!”
I’m going to let you hear from another expert,

“I think that for every minute that you meditate, you make back at least 2 minutes in productivity that day.”
– Chris Bailey, Author Hyperfocus

When we’re trapped inside our house, it’s important for us to allow our minds the opportunity to wander. Especially for those of you who are in India, and getting out is not an option right now.
Allow your mind to rest, and heal, meditation lets you do that.
Also, I’m so happy to see across Instagram that so many yoga/meditation teachers are giving away free classes online.
You can participate in sessions remotely, or just take some time out and do it yourself.

I’ve been using Oak to motivate me to meditate.
You can try it out too. It is great for beginners.

Download it here.

Apart from all these practices which I think are really important, I wanted to touch on a couple of other suggestions too darlings.

  • If you can, go outside for a quick walk. Although, stay alert and avoid any form of contact with others.
  • Take frequent breaks from work. Ideally, every 5 minutes for every 40 minutes of work should be good enough.
  • Don’t waste too much time just scrolling through social media, it is counter-productive.
  • Exercise, being at home is no excuse to skip workouts.

I hope this information was helpful for you darlings.
It’s been helping me, and I thought I should share it with you too.

If you have any special tips for working from home, be sure to share them in the comments below darlings.


P.S. I took these pictures before the lockdown, stay at home darlings, and be safe.

We’re all in this together!


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