Why You Should Pick a Subtle Summer Wedding Outfit

Darlings, the past few months have been crazy!
By now you probably know that I visited India to shop for my brother’s wedding and cut to today – the day is finally here.

We’ve been talking and planning endlessly for this big day, and I wanted to include you, my online FAM and show you what exactly I’m wearing for the wedding.

I did a pre-wedding shoot to show you my outfit and also tell you why exactly you should be going for a subtle outfit.
I know, I know for us Indians it’s an absolute sacrilege, but guess what, times are changing and it’s best to change too.
I’m a big advocate of change you see!

So without further ado let me tell you why I’m wearing, what I’m wearing and also who I’m wearing! 😉
(Cannot resist a rhyme scheme)

Reason #1

It’s a summer wedding, in L.A., if you’re in a tropical area like me it’s best to stick to easy breezy clothes. Especially if it’s a wedding.

Trust me you do not want to be sweating through all that makeup – definitely not a pretty sight.
The silhouette of the outfit also matters. The skirt I’m wearing makes me look leaner which is a plus for any outfit, am I right?

Reason #2

Categorize your outfits for different events based on a color scheme.
For the pheras I’m going for this light pink lehenga, but for Sangeet I went for a peppy colorful lehenga which I’m also going to be sharing with you in a bit.
Make sure you are sticking to different shades from a similar color family to look like you’ve put in more effort into your outfits.
Also, need I say that everybody is going to be going beserk with colorful lehengas and anarkalis, so wearing something subtle will definitely make you stand out.


Reason #3

I went for pearl detailing on my lehenga because it’s simply timeless. You can choose to give some visual relief by using accessories that are much more colorful. But I preferred to go for vintage accessories to complement the lehenga as I was going for a complete fairytale vibe.

Reason #4

Keep the accessories light and minimal.
Again, this is definitely going against the tribe, but honestly it’s so much more fun. You can stop worrying about hurting yourself wearing heavy accessories and just focus on having a great time at the event.


And for those of you wondering, the Madmoiselle Maia lehenga is from Natasha Dalal, a huge shoutout for delivering the absolute best lehenga I could have asked for

That’s all from me on looking like you just stepped out of a fairytale.
And with a neutral color like this one you wouldn’t be stealing the bride’s thunder. 😉

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