Why Boxing Is Good For You

New Year, New Me.

Isn’t that what you’re hearing from everybody?

Have you been sticking to your new year’s resolutions diligently? Or have you gone off track?

To me, the whole idea of changing yourself in a day, or even expecting that change and wishing it would stick seems unlikely.

For those of you who can pull it off, Kudos to you. But for those of you who are just like me, it’s highly possible that 7 or 10 days in, and we would be back to normal.

So in order to avoid the immense guilt that I would feel after I broke my resolutions, I developed a thought process which I’m sticking to no matter the year.

I want to share the secret with you… I Do Not Keep Any Resolutions.

The best day to work towards being your better self is today. It might seem preachy darlings, I know. I’ve been in your shoes. But when you realize that there isn’t really a better moment to start than now, that shift in the mindset makes all the difference.

My decision to work towards a healthier lifestyle began mid-2018 and I’m happy I didn’t wait till the ‘New Year’ to start.

I’m also thankful to have found Scott from Westside Fitness Training who has been instrumental in making sure that me, a girl who has never worked out in her life, gained interest and got addicted to this euphoric sport called – Boxing.


To give you a background, up until mid-2018 the only form of exercise I got was my scarce visits to the gym, or endless walks in the shopping malls (No! It doesn’t count).

In order for a workout to appeal to me I wanted more than weight training or laps on the treadmill, I wanted someone to push me. Because honestly sometimes you do need that extra push.

That’s when I met Scott and Jojo. I train with Jojo for Pilates and Scott has been responsible for my boxing sessions.

The discipline and motivation that Scott brings to each workout session is commendable.

He is a United States Marine, who has spent years learning about the human body.  The workouts that he tailors are specific to each person. It’s not copied or pre-designed. Scott designs the workouts in a simple yet effective manner to ensure you get the most out of each session.

So why boxing?

  1. It’s a full body workout. All that punching and ducking ensures that you’re using your entire body strength.
  2. It’s unpredictable, so it keeps you engaged. Your mind doesn’t get a chance to drift off, you’re all there.
  3. Helps you get into great shape.
  4. Let’s be honest, it does feel so good to punch something after a long day. I imagine all that stress, negativity, anxiousness, that I’ve accumulated through the day, and knock it out.
  5. If your hand-eye coordination needs improvement, then you need this sport.
  6. It’s great for your confidence. Every time I punch the bag or land an upper-cut, it just feels so liberating. You have got to experience it to understand what I’m talking about.

The sport of Boxing still remains one of the most popular and efficient forms of not only weight loss, but self-defense.

While it is known to be aggressive for me, personally, it feels meditative. It’s like when I’m in my boxing session, nothing else exists, and no other workout has been able to bring about that calming effect.
So darlings, if you’re ready to work towards a New You, I think you should start right now.

Because if not now, when?

Leaving the details for Westside Fitness Trainings, right here for you:

Website: Westside Fitness Training

Cell: (310) 889-8962

Location: Playa Vista





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