Why a Yellow Lehenga is the perfect one for a Sundowner Wedding

Hi Darlings,

What do you think when you see the color yellow?

It reminds me of sunny days and happiness.
The vibrance of this color can lift anyone’s spirit on a gloomy day.
Yellow is the way to go for happier occasions which is why I am amazed that not too many people pick this color when it comes to wedding entourages.
Although, the season finale of Four More Shots Please did have the bridal entourage wearing yellow, and that made a happy! Speaking of this show, did you catch the latest season? I absolutely loved Anjana’s outfits through and through. If you don’t know what I’m talking about darlings, you have got to check this show out: Four More Shots Please.

Back to the highlight of today, Traditionally a bride may not necessarily wear yellow, but if you are attending a wedding, then it’s a beautiful color for you to pick.
I’m bringing you tips on picking the right lehenga in collaboration with Kalki Fashion.
Check out the one I’m wearing, here.

#1 Shades Matter

The shade of yellow you pick to use is going to be the key element.
Look at the variety of shades at your disposal.
A lot of it will also have to do with your skin tone.

Image by: Lancaster Flower Co


Light to fair skin tone: Shades like Mustard, Fire, Gold will really compliment your skin

Medium to olive skin tone: Sticking to bright and vibrant shades like lemon, would do you wonders.

Tan to darker skin tone: Most of the shades of yellow will complement your skin really well.

#2 Know when to wear it

Yes darlings, the timing of the event is really crucial to figure out if this is the color you should be going for or not.
A yellow lehenga is perfect for open-air events that are taking place in the evenings.
There is a certain charm to the sunset accessorizing the outfit, and there is no other color that can make this brilliance happen but yellow. You could also choose to wear it for a day wedding.

#3 Infuse Tradition with Current Styles

I’m a big fan of doing things in a way that infuses tradition with the newness of today. The yellow lehenga that you see me wearing from Kalki Fashion is made from brocade silk and has a lovely bandhani pattern.
What I love more is that while the print is really traditional the lehenga has spaghetti straps and not the usual half sleeve silhouette. It’s great if you want to show off your arms.
And a go-to choice for spring or summer weddings!

Speaking of blending tradition with current styles, I have to give extra points to the dupatta in this lehenga. Isn’t it absolutely stunning?
I love that it’s contrasting with the lehenga so well! And it can be styled with so many different pieces in my closet. I can wear it with a white Kurti, or a black one. If I want to go to a party that’s more low-key I can use the top from the lehenga with the dupatta and style it with pants. The options are endless, if only I let my imagination fly.

I’m very impressed by the current collection that Kalki Fashion has online, here’s where you can find all their Yellow Lehengas.

If you haven’t shopped at Kalki and are wondering, how can I buy a lehenga online, let me tell you why I love it:

  • Find everything easily: Everything on the website is categorized so well. You can find outfits based on the occasion, colors, styles. So you don’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Kalki Experts: I love how thorough their online personal stylists are. You can have video calls with them to tell them exactly what you want. They also guide you through the measurement process. It’s good to have an expert taking you through a purchase like this online.
  • Quick Delivery: The best thing about Kalki for me, as someone who is living in Los Angeles, is that they deliver internationally! So I can count on having the best of fashion from India at my fingertips when I have a big event to attend.
    If you’re in India you can try their outfits in-store, but if not they have a 30-day return policy!

Either way, I see it as a win-win situation darlings!

I know with the current lockdown a lot of events and celebrations have been postponed.
But I’m hopeful for the day when these restrictions will be lifted and life can go back to what it used to be.

In those moments the celebrations will be a thousand times more joyful because we will know that we’re all in this together.

So while we prep, it’s always a good idea to do your window-shopping online and figure out just what you can wear!



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