Hi darling!

I’ve been dying to let you know this: I’m going on a trip to Mexico! I’ll be visiting Cancún and Tulum and with everything slowly starting to go back to normal I’m so excited to start traveling again. 


Now, every time I go on a trip I make sure to plan my outfits so I can organize everything in advance, I do some shopping and I get everything ready for the trip. Obviously, I want to share all of these looks while I travel, the problem is that sometimes when I do and you guys ask me for the link to a specific item, it might be sold out since it’s already been a while since I bought it, so I came up with a solution.

I want to start sharing with you what I get for my trips in advance so you can check it out and if you really like something you can get it before it sells out!


I wanted to make sure I got things that were very lightweight, I chose fabrics like linen and cotton because the weather is really hot and I want my outfits to be as comfortable as possible. I also prioritized lighter colors, but I made sure to add a pop of black here and there because, well… it’s black!


I’m so excited to share these looks with you on the most beautiful locations so make sure you follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss a thing!

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