How To Wear A Long Bomber Jacket

Weekend is just one day away… Yay!
It’s been a crazy week let me tell you. I’ve been prepping up for the Best Time Of The Year, because I want to bring to you nothing but the best in fashion. This brings me to the hot topic of the day – Are Long Bomber Jackets only for Men?
Hell no!
On the Runway we mostly see men sport longer jackets that’s why when I came across Tommy Hilfiger’s 2016 Fall collection, I was pleasantly surprised – because they brought this trend over to the women!
So I got looking to find the best long bomber jackets that you can sport and look great in!

Step 1: Get your hands on a knit dress
When styling what fascinates me the most is the combinations you can create using opposites. Bomber jackets are sporty so I wanted to pair it with a winter-wear that is feminine. In comes the Choker one-sleeve dress. I’ve picked one with a choker design. The beauty of a choker style is that it relieves you from wearing any accessory in your neck – perfect for the bomber jacket look.

  • If you’ve got an athletic or a rectangle body shape, I’d say you go for a longer knit dress – hemline hitting below the knee. Look for a dress that tapers towards the waist creating an illusion of a curvier waist. I’ve got three options for you, Under $50, Under $150, Under $370.
  • Pear-shaped women can go for a-line dresses – perfect for showing off your natural shape. Ribbed Fit & Flare dress is a great option for you. This Sweater dress is also a stunner.

Step 2: Long Bomber Jacket
The great update for Bomber jackets came in 2016 and it is still as fresh today! Regular bombers are still around, but for more fashionable folks, this longer silhouette is a great keeper. You can find the one I’m sporting, here.

  • Long Bomber Jacket from H&M because for BLACK it’s always a yes!
  • Here’s a slightly high-end piece from True Religion. It’s made of faux fur.
  • A khaki colored jacket that you can pair with a second hoodie inside on really really cold days!
  • If you love patchwork, this one is for you!

The inspiration for this look came from this outfit on the runway- The need to sport a long bomber and pair it with something feminine instead of using another sweatshirt!

So if you don’t already have a long bomber, go and get yourself one right now.

The celebrities are wearing it, the Runway has accepted it, and let me tell you, when it’s cold outside, your body will thank you a million times over for it!


    • Nikki
      November 27, 2017 / 12:16 pm

      I’m sure it will! 🙂

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