How To Wear A Crop Top In Winter

L.A. has a reputation for being typically sunny, but don’t be fooled. When fall sets in and winter is close, it gets extremely chilly.
Does chilly weather mean covering yourselves so no skin is visible? Not necessarily!
I’m going to show you how to pair a summer staple with a winter outerwear and look like a million bucks!
You see me sporting a black crop top paired with basic black denim pants and boots. I cannot specify on the art of doing more with less. Black is the key color in this look and it goes a long way in setting the tone. Also, think about its functionality, it will help you keep warm in this chilly weather.

The perfect winter cover-up is the fur jacket! I love the bright color of this jacket, it brings vivaciousness to the whole look.
You can pick a color that’s suited to you. Since the inner-wear is black, there are literally no limitations to the kind of jackets you can pick.
I’ve got a bunch of recommendations for you below, do browse through them later.
Here’s a bejeweled bag that is oh-so-perfect! Its unique design stands out perfectly amidst the black and orange ensemble.
I know we’re talking about wearing summer-wear for winters which may be a small change, but I’d just like to add, ‘Challenge What’s Been Done.’
Do not always go by the rules, break them once in a while.
The process of finding your true self is marked by how well you can challenge yourself.
So smart small, if you must, but make the effort to START!

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