Treat Your Eyes To The Goodness Of Oxygen

Eyes are a window to your soul – This also includes the area under your eyes.
Why do you ask?
Have you noticed that when you’re tired/overworked/underslept/overslept, there is one area that bears complete witness to the state of your mind – it is the area under your eyes.
It is also the most delicate part of your body – this translates into – Your lifestyle’s most prominent effects will show up under your eyes without a doubt.

As you grow older, the need to take care of this area becomes more and more important, let me tell you this – You don’t have to wait till you turn 30 to start taking care of your eyes. Do it now.
The earlier you start, the better would be the results.

I am usually one for resorting to natural remedies to tackle beauty problems – but when I was approached by VIICode to try out their T2 Oxygen Eye Cream – I was up for it.
What intrigued me about this product was that it was an – Oxygen Eye Cream.
Oxygen therapy is common when treating under eye circles and this eye cream ladies, is a genie in a bottle.

As a champion of au naturale products, I needed to be sure that you can benefit from this product, which is why I used it for a period of 40 days.
And might I add, I am really happy with the results.
Let me walk you through the process of using the eye cream and its unimaginable benefits.

How To Use:

Step 1: Like any beauty product, you must start with a clean face so you can get the maximum benefits of VIICode eye cream.

Step 2: Apply the cream using soft strokes – You can use it before you put on your makeup – it soaks up really well into your skin and there is no oily residue – or after a long day at work, come home and use it to melt away the troubles of the day.

My regular week consists of mayhem i.e., managing a blog with its hectic shoot schedules and hours of research and writing coupled with my full-time job as a realtor, it does tend to take a toll on my body and my face. I am constantly greeted with, “Are you sick?” questions even though I feel fine.
This began to change post my continuous use of the eye cream. The bags under my eyes have visibly reduced and so have the fine lines. The trick is moisture – the oxygen helps replenish the moisture that this sensitive area lacks, and that’s why it works. So if you want to get your hands on this miracle worker – shop it here.

I highly recommend you use it and see the benefits for yourself – this is especially required if you are a hustler like me.
Nobody said you can’t both hustle and look good, right? 😉

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