Ultimate Summer Maxi Dress Guide

Hello Friends,
Hope the summer has been treating you well, have you been successful in getting the perfect tan yet? I have been caught up between work, life and photoshoots (love, love, love) and sometimes I find some time to squeeze in an occasional summer party!
Correct me if I’m wrong but we have all been at a party where we’ve looked at a girl stride in- super confident and looking like a million bucks. A girl that is tagged as the ‘life of the party’ because she is fun and she is not shy to be herself. There is a certain degree of power attached to being yourself and that is just the kind of appearance this girl demonstrates, while you sit back and look at her and wonder, “I wish I could be like her.” Here’s your wake up call girls, that girl could be YOU! Confidence comes from owning your style and I’m going to show you just how it’s done!
Summer parties are all about being flirty and fun, if this philosophy reflects through your fashion then you’ve hit a homerun.
So let’s begin!Dressing up for summer is tricky especially because you need to ensure that the hours you’re spending outdoors are not affecting your overall look. My one tip to you is to go for styles that are trendy and comfortable. Maxi dresses are a summer-favorite. It works differently for different body-types so ensure you pick one that will complement you, for instance;
a) If you have a larger bust: Pick a fitted or a wrap style dress that will hug your frame comfortably. Avoid ruffles and pleats, keep it sleek and stylish.

b) If you have a small bust: Go for deep necklines and open backs. Two-toned columns are best for you as it gives the illusion of a fuller shape.

c) If you’re curvy: Opt for a dress that is not too clingy but flows over your body. Also, if you’re going for a printed maxi dress pick one that has larger motifs, small motifs will look overpowering on your frame.

d) If you’re petite: Pick a maxi which let’s you throw in a large belt as an accessory to elongate your bottom half.

You will see that I have picked a collared floral maxi dress. It hugs my top frame and flows seamlessly at the bottom.

One of the major drawbacks of wearing a maxi dress is that if you’re not too tall then it ends up looking overbearing. To avoid this situation, pick heels that will give the illusion of height. I have picked black pumps which are striking. It’s always good to create a contrast in the outfits you choose, the dress and the shoes are the perfect example of it.
The biggest mistake you can make for a day out in summers is to overdo your makeup. Always keep it light and subtle, and let the sun-kissed look speak for itself.
I’ve picked a gorgeous straw white bag that keeps up with my summery look!
And that’s how ladies you can master the perfect look for a summer party. I’m sharing my top picks from this look with you below, check it out and get shopping.


  1. BFT
    June 12, 2018 / 9:21 pm

    May I ask where you bought the dress you are wearing? So cute on you! There doesn’t appear to be a link to it.

    • Nikki
      June 28, 2018 / 1:38 pm

      I got this from Zara last year!


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