Two Crop Tops That Can Take You From Work To Play

Crop tops – Love it or Hate it, you cannot ignore it!

It’s no longer a teen girl trend, chic designs and a myriad of options have led to the crop tops slowly creeping into every woman’s outfit.

Wondering how you can make it work?
Shy of showing off your midriff?
Don’t think it’s meant for you?

First up. Let’s put a stop to all these questions.
You can make it work, you just need the right tops that will compliment you and you will feel comfortable in.
Comfort should never be compromised, so don’t pick anything you have second thoughts about.

I’ve specifically picked two types of tops to explain how each can work under a work or casual setting.
So you can mull it over and decide what works for you!

Wearing crop tops to work can be tricky.
This trend would most definitely work for you if don’t work in a corporate environment.
Photographers, those of you in fashion and design, or creative writers – those of you who freelance, can take complete advantage of this trend.
It is always a good practice to look sharp no matter what clothing item you’re wearing or which field you work in. And when you work as a creative, it goes without saying that your outfit needs to get creative too.
There is no mercy for slackers! 😉

If you’re considering winning an office day with a crop top, here are some things for you to consider;)

1) Pick a classic print – Even though crops are playful, having a classic print like in this case ‘gingham’ gives it a more ‘I mean business’ look. And that’s exactly what will work in your favor.

2) Show off just a sliver – The length of your crop top matters a lot when you’re thinking about wearing it to work/meeting. In an ideal case scenario just show off a sliver of your waistline. High-waist pants or skirts can be best paired with crop tops to keep it from looking like you’re showing way too much skin.

3) Always carry a jacket – Jackets are more for a functional purpose than any other. For a person like me who has extremely sensitive skin, I always love to add layers to protect my skin. During summers when the sun is really harsh and you’re traveling to meetings in the day, a jacket is necessary to protect your skin from the UV rays. And if you have to be out all evening too, a jacket will keep you safe from cool winds. Now isn’t that a win-win situation!

4) Chic accessories – To top off the look use accessories that will pass off as formal. I’ve accessorized my look with a plaid clutch and suede black pumps. When in doubt, always turn to classics, they will show you the way.

Phew! Now that the pressure of looking ‘workplace-appropriate’ is taken off, let’s have some fun!
Let me begin by saying that crop-tees are a blessing!
They are super-cute and comfortable. You can buy the exact one I’m wearing, here.
If this is your first time with crop-tops begin with this style. I’m sure you will love wearing them.
Here too I’ve paired the top with the same wide-leg pants to show you how the pants look when styled differently.
I’ve switched the formal accessories, with a casual bag and booties.
You can see how just a change in top and accessories can completely change the outfit!

Buying your first ever crop top and don’t know where to begin?
Hit me up!

I’m waiting to read your comments!

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