Trending Hair Accessories You Must Buy

Bored of having the same hairstyles over and over again?
Or can’t get enough of leaving your hair open for a sleeker look?

There is so much more to accessorizing your hair than staying in the comfort zone of buns, ponytails or even the half-knots.
Let’s chat about the trends that were prominent on the AW18’s runways and how we can up our hair styling game by simply introducing a few hair accessories in our everyday outfits.

Crystal Hair Pins

Embellished crystal pins are eye-catching!
You can wear it with a casual outfit like I have and add some oomph to it, or you can also choose to wear it with a more formal look.
Just ensure that the ones you pick are more for your everyday wear, and not bridal.
Shortlisting some great options for you below.

Scrunchie with Scarf

We’re soon going to be in the transitional season, and that means you get the best of both worlds (Summer + Winter), and you can take advantage of this by picking hair accessories that work for both these seasons.
Scrunchies with a scarf is the latest fad and I’ve got some really cute ones from Anthropologie.
Just by itself, a ponytail might come across as a bit boring, but when you accessorize it with a scrunchie scarf, it instantly looks refreshing.
Don’t you agree?

Monogram Hairpins

I’m loving this trend so much right now. Especially the Chanel CC hairpin – it’s all levels of gorgeousness! (But also very expensive, so gotta look for budget options to rock that monogram)
I’m honestly not a Logo fanatic, but when something looks this good, I can change my preferences – We’re human after all!

Leather Headbands

For all you warrior princesses out there, leather headbands are what you should be going for when you want to challenge the day head-on.
I love how strong they look, and pair that with kohl-rimmed eyes, and you have yourself a winner.

ZigZag Headbands

Yes! They are back!
It’s like everything cool is making a comeback, and I’m so happy it is.
This style was reintroduced by Prabal Gurung on the runway and I couldn’t be happier!

Oversized Hats

Jacquemus showcased models walking the runway wearing oversized hats. Think the trend will wave you goodbye once the summer is done?
Well, apparently not.

Baker Boy Hats

Christian Dior’s Fall 2018 show had one accessory that every model wore – A black baker boy hat!
Going through the pictures you cannot deny it’s versatility.
From colorful pieces to monochromes, the hat added the X factor to every look.

Claw Clips

If you’re the kind who likes to keep your hair out of your face, you need some claw clips in your life!

This is what’s trending right now Darlings!
You can count on me to bring you trend reports no matter the season so you can prepare ahead and look your best.

It’s funny how the tiniest of things can make a big difference to not just your outfits but life in general too!
Which of these accessories can you not wait to try out?
Let me know! 🙂

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  1. October 16, 2019 / 2:40 pm

    I like all the accessories which have shown by you. We get bored by the same hairstyles always so we need a change. A little change can improve our personality. Thanks for sharing informative content. Waiting for more such posts!

    • Nikki
      December 30, 2019 / 10:18 pm

      Definitely agree with you!
      Just a little bit of effort is needed to take any outfit from regular to stunning! 🙂

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