Transitional Weather Bomber Jackets You Must-Have

Is it going to be cooler today?
Or what if it’s too sunny?
And then just like that, the rain pours down!

Waiting for the weather to make up its mind?
One thing you can be sure of, that there is absolutely no need to compromise on your FASHION!

Transitional weather is tricky to nail down, and even though it’s going to bee Spring officially by March 20th, sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it.

On these days, outerwear is your Infinity Stone (Sorry for geeking out, super kicked about the release of Infinity Wars next month)
Anyway, I was saying, your choice of jacket is what’s going to take your outfit up by many notches!
One of my favorite outerwears is bombers – they are an accessory for Everyday Cool!

Without further ado, let’s talk about the jackets you should be investing in this month.

1) Velvet Bombers
Velvet as a fabric has been gaining so much momentum in the past few months and I’m predicting that it’s going to get even stronger this year. Investing in velvet would mean not just wearing it during the warmer seasons but you can also revive it for Fall 2018 because believe you me! It is here to stay. The one I’m wearing is from LF Stores, but it isn’t available right now, so I’ve listed oter options for you!

Note: I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

2) Denim Bombers

Now this is where a little bit of experimentation is needed. It took me hours to comb through various shopping sites to bring to you the best denim bombers that are available right now.
Denim is my most favored material and when you mix denim with the bomber silhouette, it is an unmissable item.

3) Floral Bombers

Traditional? Yes.
Boring? No.
Floral bombers are playful and I love how each design has something fresh to offer. From flashy pink bombers by Gucci, to really affordable pieces from Revolve, you are going to be spoilt for choices.
I suggest you keep that credit card handy.

4) Suese Bombers

Aesthetics + Structure, that’s exactly what suede brings to the table. If you’re thinking suede is more of a ‘masculine’ trend, change that train of thought right now.
At this point, there are literally no rules to fashion. No feminine, or masculine.
It’s about adopting what works well for you. It’s about individuality. So if suede speaks to you, so be it. And to make the choice easier, I have rounded the best suede jackets for you online.

Are you ready to rock the bomber style during the transitional weather now? I sure do hope so.

Which bomber jacket style is your favorite?
Have a style that you love, and want me to cover? You know what to do.
Comment below and let me know ladies, I’ll be waiting.


    • March 20, 2018 / 12:53 pm

      I totally agree with you!
      Nothing adds a pop of color, like red shoes do! 🙂


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