Trade Winter’s Boring Neutrals For Olive Green

Have you given in to the comfort of boring neutrals all winter?
Yes, I’m speaking to you!

How many times have you reached for that snug black hoodie? Or the white cardigan that just looks professional enough and keeps you toasty?

It’s finally time to leave your comfort zone behind because from what I hear Spring has come early this year in Los Angeles.
I’m all ready to start welcoming it into my everyday fashion too!
If you’re with me on this, let’s begin the transition from Winter to Spring by using the one color that is synonymous with the beauty of nature – Olive Green.
Shop my look below!

Protip – If you’re going to match a particular color in your outfit, keep it at two items so it doesn’t look like you’re overdoing it.

Step 1: Pick An Inner Layer

For my first layer, I’ve picked the Caslon Layered Look Hoodie.

I love its design and the part hoodie + part shirt effect that it gives is perfect for work wear.

Especially when I top it off with a plaid jacket. The beauty of this outfit combination is that it works perfectly well irrespective of your body type.

Step 2: Pick An Accessory
I’ve picked a bag from Anthropologie to go with my top. It’s got some really beautiful texture and paired alongside items which are simple, the bag automatically becomes the showstopper of the outfit. The key to having a good-looking outfit is to mix and match textures in your look.

Honestly, this is the first time I’ve tried Olive green in my look! I remember the Fall/Winter trend predictions were all hinting at this being the most popular color on the runway and having worn it I can certainly see why.
The color is so understated but it has its own striking qualities.

And when you pick pieces that have their own charm, for instance, this woven bag from Anthropologie, the overall appeal of the outfit just shoots through the roof.

Inspiration: For me this time it was about the color and not the outfit. Although the overalls look great and if you’re itching to try something like this out I highly recommend this edgy piece from Second Skin Overalls.

I’m sure the other colors are currently turning green with envy by now 😉
Are there any colors that you’d like me to experiment for you?
I’ve had Ultra Violet on my mind since Pantone announced it as the Color Of The Year 2018, so I’ve got my creative hat on to work that into fashion.
If there is something you’d like me to try, shoot me a comment below and let me do the work for you.


    • February 9, 2018 / 2:51 pm

      I’m so happy you do! If you do end up buying something do let me know! Would love to see what you pick! 🙂


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