Trade Gifts for Time This Mother’s Day

Hi Darlings!

It’s mother’s day, and for those of you who are moms, I want to take this time out to tell you that you are amazing.

If there is one woman whom I can constantly draw inspiration from, it’s got to be my mother.
She’s been in my team since Day 0, and I know no matter who leaves my corner, she will be there.

It’s a strange feeling, isn’t it? Giving life to a human, and then giving your whole life trying to make sure they are okay. Such a pure form of love.

While we tend to get caught up in the commercial side of things, this Mother’s Day darlings, if you want to give your mom something, give her your time.

Sharing some tips on the best things you can do for your mom.

#1 Gift her experiences

Our mom’s spend so much time just taking care of us. Along the way, their lives start becoming all about us. We should acknowledge the person behind the role too. What are the things she loves to do? What are the experiences she wants from life? What is it that lights up her heart?
Find these moments and bring them to her.

My mom and my mom-in-law had never been hiking! I mean, doesn’t that sound crazy? It’s such a simple thing, but they never had the time to do it. So this Mother’s Day we’re taking them hiking. Giving them the gift of a new experience.

What experiences does your mom crave? Figure it out and bring it to her.

#2 Gift her your passion

During this whole quarantine phase, we’ve all spent time indulging in long lost talents. From cooking to art, poetry, writing. So give the woman who gave you birth a gift of your talents. Write her something that’s heartfelt. Maybe paint something, frame it, and give it to her. It’s easy to open up your wallet, opening up your heart is what really counts here.

#3 Urge her to make self-care a priority

The internet is constantly going on about self-care, the ones who need it the most honestly, are moms.
Why not use this opportunity to DIY scrub or a face-mask and gift it to her.

This article from Marie Claire has some great recipes: Best Homemade Face Masks.

And lastly, darlings, if you’re away from your mom during quarantine, don’t forget to video call her. Sometimes and especially with moms, it’s the little things that really count.


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