The Trench Coat You Should Be Buying This Fall

A classic trench coat is everybody’s favorite, isn’t it?
But what’s the fun in doing something that’s already been done?
Trench coats are popular during fall for its functional yet timeless appeal. Personally, these are my favorite because I can wear a trench with almost any item in my closet, No kidding! Each year I make it a point to invest in atleast one trench coat that is not-so-basic and this practice has paid off in me owning quite a few great looking pieces.
Let me walk you through the trench coat I have picked for Fall 2017 to add to my collection! Plus, details on how I’ve styled the complete look, now that’s a bonus, isn’t it?
I’ve picked a Navy Blue coat that has a touch of femininity. It’s got white striped edges which is subtle design at its best.
While I’ve been scouting umpteen fashion magazines to decipher the Fall trends for 2017, the two important elements that stood out were; a) Broad Shoulders b) Buttons
This coat has them both!
Broad over-sized shoulders that don’t look too masculine and have that rare ladylike aura.
Then we have a button detail that’s again a classic. There is something about navy blue and white. They belong together, don’t you think?
It goes without saying, that adding a touch of Ivory Mercer Boots from Archive Shoes to go along with the trench was the perfect choice.
If you think that the monotones are bringing you a bit down then what’s better than adding a color that is the talk of the town right now, after all, what’s fall without a hint of orange, right?

And that’s how I styled my brand new trench coat.
You could pick a variety of boots or bags to go along-with this and also play with the way it’s wrapped around your body. Options are endless!
What’s your trench coat of the season? I’d love to see pictures of you wearing it, you can post it on Instagram and tag @RunwayToRoad. Nothing will make me happier than seeing you guys look stunning.
If you’re still looking for the perfect trench, I’ve got a bunch of suggestions for you right here! Take a look.

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