The Schwarzkopf Hair Styling Range You Need If You’re Seeking Hair Volume

Hair Volume – The one thing most girls are after.
The lifestyle we live today affects our hair the most.
Hair thinning, and drying have become a norm, and we’re here looking for solutions to give our hair that original boost – and that kiss of life!

The problem I see with beauty products is that there are just too many out there!
What should you trust and what should you skip?

So when I was approached by Schwarzkopf to try out their all-new OSiS+ Higher & Higher collection before it hits stores in September, I decided to test it out.

The styling range comes with 3 different types of mousse depending upon what you want your hair to look like and how strong you want the effect to be.
I was stepping out for some drinks and dinner with my friends at Malibu Beach, so the hairstyle that I wanted was a voluminous beachy wave.

The process was pretty simple:

Step 1: I used the gentle hold mousse to my wet hair to prepare it for styling.
Step 2: Blow-dried my hair while using rollers to get loose curls
Step 3: Used the back-combing technique to add some bounce
Step 4: Finished it with a round of styling spray

The product performed well in terms of holding my hair in place through the evening and ensured that it had that added volume that gave my hair a fuller look!
I do wish it stayed for a couple days longer, just so I wouldn’t have to style it again.

As most of you know by now, I am the biggest believer in au naturale looks, so I do prefer using minimum products on my hair.
Need to find a balance between hairstyling and hair care.

So on days, I am not using heat or styling products on my hair, here are some simple hacks I use:

1) Get a haircut
This exactly doesn’t fall into the day-to-day styling category, so forgive me if I’m going a bit off topic, but it does deserve a bit of attention. The length of your hair plays a major role. Before I got my hair chopped off to my shoulders, I always loved long hair, and I did get layers. But on my visit to the hairstylist, she mentioned that the ends of my hair are damaged and need to be cut off completely. Reluctantly I gave her the go-ahead to chop them off! And after that, I have noticed that it looks like there has been tons of volume added to my hair. So if you’re in doubt, and you feel like your hair’s looking way too flat, get a haircut.

2) Messy Equals More
Gone are the days of a neatly tied ponytail or updo, where your hair looked slick parted mid-ways or sideways with not a hair out of place.
Messy is in, and messy also means more. Teasing your hair before you tie it up is the trick to achieve it.

3) Parting Your Hair
The side you part your hair also acts as an advantage when you want your hair to look fuller. You can choose from side-parting, using zig-zag lines, or not parting your hair at all, so it looks more centered and proportionate.

4) Finger Drying Your Hair
Use a little amount of hairspray on your damp hair, and then run your fingers through your hair to give it a wavy look and feel.

While the styling products I’ve mentioned will not be available to buy until September, I’m sharing similar items to shop below from my outfit!
Also, I have to mention that an all-black outfit is an all-time savior – so if you don’t own one yet, these items need to be added to your cart right now!

What are the tricks you use to ensure your hair has that extra volume?
Tell me more, I’d love to try out any new hacks you have for me.

It’s all about going Higher and Higher together!

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