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I know it’s been a while but we’re back with this series! Today I want to talk about pants, now I know I’ve talked about pants a couple of times here but this time I want to give you all the info about them since there are a ton of different shapes and cuts.

I want to start off by sharing this amazing guide from the guys over at Fractals, where you can see the names and definitions of some of the most used pants.

Now that we know the names and what they look like I want to give you some advice on how to choose the right pants for your body shape. We’ve already talked about the never-ending discussion between Gen Z and Millennials: skinny jeans vs wide leg, so let’s see if we can settle who’s right once and for all.


A straight pattern never fails, it’s the easiest type to style and it adapts to all body types. They’re perfect if your legs are on the shorter side since they make the legs appear thinner and longer. If you choose a pair that’s also high waisted this effect will be accentuated.


The controversial skinny jeans! Now, let’s unpack why they have been so successful for a really long time: they’re easy to wear! I remember wearing flared jeans as a kid and having the bottom part rip and get wet and gross every time I played or did basically anything so I understand why so many people are against them coming back. The skinny jeans were a great solution to that, they also enhanced the figure and showed off the curves.

Unfortunately for Gen Z, this is not about what’s trendy and what’s not because skinny jeans have become a staple piece, which means they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.


The classic flared jeans from the 70s are making a comeback and I must say I’m glad! I feel like every time a trend comes back it gets updated and the issues that may have been there before are long gone. These are perfect for lengthening the figure since they are slim and high-waisted they help to conceal any bulging on the abdomen and make you look stylish. These are ideal both with high-heeled shoes, ankle boots and sneakers.


I must say these are one of my favorites, they’re so comfortable and breezy. I love how they make the body look, but you have to keep in mind that they add volume to the lower part of your body so if that’s something you already have I would be very careful with these.


I feel like cargo pants are always there but they never end up being super trendy. Nevertheless, if you style them correctly they can look amazing. Now, they have the same issue that wide leg pants have and it’s that they add a lot of volume so keep that in mind.


These may be one of the comfiest and easy to wear pants but also the most elegant! They tend to be really long with elongates the figure and makes you look taller. They’re usually made with lightweight and flowy fabric which accentuates the lengthening effect.

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