The Only Two Accessories You Need To Get Summer Ready

Accessories are every girl’s armor!
Believe me when I say this.

You may wear the best outfits but if you haven’t styled it using the right accessories, you are missing out big time darlings!

You know the second best thing about Summer? Aside from endless days on the beach of course.
It is being able to have fun with accessories.

Let me show you the TWO summer accessories that will help you rock any look!

Wicker Bags

By now I’m sure you know how much I love BAGS!
They make me go weak in the knees, I’m not exaggerating. (Okay maybe I am, just a little bit.)
This Summer, the bags that are on everyone’s must-have list, and if you don’t have it yet, you should add it too, are wicker bags.
If you’ve seen them before it is probably because they are in trend almost every summer, so investing in one isn’t going to be a one-time thing for sure girl.
Now, to be honest, there a variety of wicker bags available right now, one for every budget I’d say.
I’ve rounded up these bags basis different price points.
Whatever your price point is you can be sure that you will find a wicker bag that’s just right for you.

Under $50

Under $100

Under 200$

$300 and above

Classic Straw Hats

If there is one thing the whole world knows about L.A. is that it is super sunny.
And if you’ve been following me these past couple months, you will know that I have super sensitive skin.
So aside from slathering on SPF on my skin during these months, I also take complete care of my scalp, and you must too.
I was recently watching a video by Deepica Mutiyala on YouTube where she was interviewing a dermatologist and guess what I found out? You’re supposed to apply SPF on your scalp too.
Now that was a definite eye-opener for me. You can watch the complete video HERE.
So while taking care of my scalp, I also started experimenting with wearing hats to add an extra layer of protection.
And so far, I’ve been loving it.
If I’m being 100% honest, I love the vanity of the hats more than their protective element, but can you blame me? Look at how cute they are!

The biggest question when it comes to getting straw hats is the size.
Let’s break it down!

Small Brim Sun Hats

The hat I’m wearing has a relatively smaller brim. I’ve chosen it because it goes perfectly with my outfit.
You need to play with proportions here. Since there is already a lot happening with the pink set I’m wearing and the wicker bag, the small brim sun hat adds just the right amount of elegance to the complete look.

Wide Brim Sun Hats

I’ve been itching to try these out this summer. Something I’m going to be doing pretty soon. But I love the ‘WOW’ factor that just one accessory can add.
Simon Porte Jacquemus brought these outrageously large sun hats back from the dead for his Spring 2018 La Bomba collection and since then the fashion scene has been buzzing with it.
*Must Try Out* – Makes a mental note.

Oh, the wicker bags and the hats – Writing this post is making me want to book tickets to Hawaii right away!
Although I live in a beach city, I do miss the starry nights and the unmatched beauty that you can experience when you’re in Hawaii.
I can almost see myself, walking up to the beach, with books in my wicker bag and wearing a large sun hat.
Now wouldn’t that be something?

What’s your favorite summer destination?
Tell me more darlings!

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