The Most Versatile Summer Lehenga You Can Get Yourself

Hi Darlings,

Before I begin I want to give you a BIG DISCLAIMER!
The ‘pause’ button has been hit on most of the summer weddings this year, understandably so, but this blog is an ode to happier times.
It’s my way to keep the normalcy alive, through my blog, and I hope that when you read it, for a moment you feel like everything is alright. Sometimes that’s all one needs! 🙂
I’m sure a few of you must be a part of intimate wedding ceremonies or also attending zoom weddings, so if you need the inspiration to crack that wedding outfit, keep reading.

Summer weddings – what does that remind you of?
Fresh flowers, bright colors, day-long weddings that stretch into wee hours of the night, or night weddings that stretch into dawn!
The dancing, singing, mingling, and celebrating life and love.

Summer weddings are 100% more fun than any other season, partly the reason why I got married in a summer month too.
Apart from the whole vibe, what I also love about summer weddings is the opportunity to make unconventional choices with your fashion.
That’s where Kalki Fashion comes in – and today I want to talk to you about this beautiful yellow lehenga that I’m bringing to you in collaboration with them, and why I think, this lehenga is one of the most versatile pieces you can find.



Floral Patterns and the Material

Traditionally lehengas come with designs that can sometimes be too exquisite, that you can’t wear it for anything else but a wedding.
This doesn’t stand true for a floral design, especially if it’s made with cotton silk. The material and the design is easy-breezy, which is perfect for a summer wedding.




Lehengas are generally not very versatile. But not this one. Another advantage of picking a lehenga that isn’t too traditional and considerably lightweight is that you can style it any way you want.
If it’s a wedding by all means go all out and wear it the way it is supposed to be worn. But if not, then maybe switch up the lehenga crop top with a white crop top instead. Add some extra drama to the outfit with stacked jewelry, and voila! You can wear it for an event like sangeet, or even Raksha Bandhan!
An indo-western fusion is definitely a chic way to go.

Styling Option 1


Styling Option 2


If you haven’t shopped at Kalki and are wondering, how can I buy a lehenga online, let me tell you why I love them:

  • Find everything easily: Everything on the website is categorized so well. You can find outfits based on the occasion, colors, styles. So you don’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Kalki Experts: Professional and thorough, you can chat with a Kalki expert and they can make the experience effortless and quick.
  • Quick Delivery: The best thing about Kalki for me, as someone who is living in Los Angeles, is that they deliver internationally! If you’re in India you can try their outfits in-store, but if not they have a 30-day return policy.


You can shop the one I’m wearing, here: Amber Yellow Lehenga And Crop Top In Cotton Silk With Floral Print
Maybe you can plan ahead for the festive season and snag some light-weight beautiful lehengas that you can style your way… Think about it. 🙂



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