The Most Asked Questions on Google About Crop Tops Answered

Crop tops – Lovely, yes?
Can anybody flaunt it? Yes!

I see a lot of reservations about wearing crop tops, why you ask?
I was doing my research as part of the process of writing this blog and I came across so many questions that women are asking on google related to crop tops – More than a billion searches for this one category, so it must be addressed.

I’ve picked 3 major questions that I saw about crop tops and through this blog, I hope I can lay them to rest.

#1 How to wear a crop top if you’re chubby?

The biggest myth when it comes to crop tops is “If I’m chubby, I cannot wear it.”
Now, I want you to throw this self-deprecating form of thinking right out the window – ain’t nobody got time for that.
Everyone can wear a crop top, no matter your size. It is your body type that makes a difference.
So let me show you just the kind of crop top you should be wearing if your weight is your main concern.

Here’s what you should be keeping in mind:

Ensure that the crop top is fitting you well. If it’s too tight or too loose it will make you look chubbier.
You can pick a crop top that hits you right at your hips.
While picking items to pair a crop top with you should opt for high-waisted skirt or pants. The high-waist design complemented with a crop top will ensure that your curves are accentuated. It will put the focus on your waist and give it more definition.
Always layer up. A form-fitting jacket or a playful cover-up will also be a great asset while styling a crop top.

#2 How to wear crop tops without showing your stomach?

Don’t want to show your stomach? Do what I always do, wear high-waisted pants.
The muffin-top scare is real, and especially I’ve always noticed that on days when I’m not eating on time, based on what my body needs I tend to bloat a bit. And it can get extremely embarrassing to be wearing a crop top and have your stomach peeking out – which is exactly why high-waist pants are the numero uno solution to this problem.
You will only be showing off your midriff area – just a little bit of skin, and trust me it looks extremely chic.

#3 What to wear with a crop top?

My general answer to this would be whatever you please.
But then again, not leaving you with some inspiration would be criminal. When you know what you can do with an item and the different ways you can style it, it will prepare you to wear a crop top for any event under the sun.

For instance, let’s take a simple black crop top and style it in 5 different ways:

Crop Top + High Waisted Denim

Crop Top + Midi Skirt

Crop Top + Culottes

Crop Top + Overalls

Crop Top + Shorts

It was so great answering these questions on wearing crop tops and also busting some myths along the way.
TBH a crop top is a basic outfit for every Californian girl. It is glamorous, fresh and easy-going, much like the life here!
So if there is a part of you that wants to emulate the California style no matter where you are in the world?
The crop top is key darlings!

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