About Chanel

A brand that has stood the test of time for over a century and is still going strong.

A brand that is synonymous with elegance and was founded by a woman who yearned to make fashion simple. Take a walk down history with me to discover Coco Chanel and what made this brand grow from a little hat boutique in France to one that is desired by women across the globe today.

Comfort is

At a time when fashion was overtly designed and the clothes for women were constrictive, Chanel disrupted the fashion world with clothes that were comfortable and elegant. She replaced structured-silhouettes, based upon the corset and the bodice, with garments that were functional and at the same time flattering to the woman’s figure.

Chanel Timeline

Gabriell Boheur Chanel, French designer and founder of Coco Chanel was born. She had a rough childhood, she learnt to sew in an orphanage from the nuns, a skill that would be the corner stone in her fashion empire.

She opened her own hat boutique aged 21 under the name ‘Chanel Mode’.

She opens her first fashion boutique.

The most popular fragrance no. 5 was launched. It was named after her favorite number 5. To this day it continues to remain the best selling perfume in the world.

First makeup collection was launched.

She introduced the legendary Chanel suit with collarless jacket and well-fitted skirt.

The iconic and the most essential piece for a woman ‘The Little Black Dress’ was invented.

She was forced to close her shops due to World War II.

The 2.55 bag named after its own birthday, February 1955 is launched. The quilted leather was designed to honor Coco’s love for riding. The bag was launched with its signature mademoiselle lock.

Chanel reopened her couture house and the Iconic Little Black jacket was designed to bring freedom of movement to women.

Karl Lagerfield takes over Chanel to continue the legacy of the fashion queen. He chose to break away from the lady-like persona of the brand and ring in the modern times.

The first Chanel watch debuted.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 2.55 bag, it was reissued.

The Boy Bag was introduced. It had the elegance of the bags previously designed by Chanel with a hint of the modernism.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must be different.

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