The Guide To Buying Clothes That Fit You Perfectly

What’s in a fit?

A fit can define exactly how you feel about a piece of clothing, and also define your exact mood when you wear it.
So is getting a good fit important? Hell Yeah!

If you’ve been ignoring those droopy sleeves and the ill-fitted jeans, this is your wake up call!

If you’ve been shopping for clothes that aren’t fitting you right, I’ve put together some guidelines that will most definitely help you when you’re on your quest to finding perfectly fitted clothes!

1) Get Measured

If you don’t know your precise measurements, you need to fix this immediately. Get a measuring tape and have a friend or someone from your family do it for you. You can also get yourself measured from a tailor, or in a store.
Write these measurements down and refer to them everytime you’re buying an outfit.
You will need to measure your height, shoulders, bust, waist, and hips.

2) Know Your Size Tags

You may already be aware of it but there is no such thing as a standard size tag.
They vary between designers, patterns, and manufacturers.
So, in that case, your true friend is the size chart. Refer to it more than anything else.
Remember those times when you ordered an ‘S’ because you thought that’s what fit you and when it arrived it was tighter and then you had to go through the hassle of returning the item and waiting for the new one to arrive? Referring to the size chart before you buy an item online will save you the trouble, trust me!

3) Know Your Body Shape & Dress For It

I cannot emphasize this enough. You need to wear clothes that fit your body shape. The first step that this involves is to know what your shape is.
Let me highlight the various body shapes that are out there for you.

Pear Shaped:

You have a pear-shaped body if your…

  • Hips are wider than your bust
  • You have narrow shoulders in comparison to your hips
  • Fuller bottom

Dress for it:
Play with proportions that elongate the body. Look for statement tops that draw the attention upward from your waist.
You can also go big on accessories. Dramatic necklaces and earrings will be your best allies.

Hourglass Shaped:

You have an hourglass-shaped body if your…

  • Body is curvy
  • Your bust and hips are roughly the same sizes
  • You have a thin waist

Dress for it:
The biggest asset you have is your curvy body. So use clothing items that hug your body and accentuate your shape. Anything that defines your waist, has got to go from the shop directly to your closet!

Apple Shaped:

You have an apple shaped body if your…

  • Shoulders are broader than your hips
  • The waistline isn’t well defined

Dress for it:
A-line silhouettes, breezy tunics, basically go for pieces that play up your fuller bust. Stay away from clothes that have over-stated waistlines.

Athletic Shaped:

You have an athletic shaped body if your…

  • Shoulders and hip measurements are the same
  • Your weight is well distributed through your body

Dress for it:
The one rule you should never forget is; Pick and choose what you want to highlight. If you’re going with a statement top, keep the bottom sleek and, if you’re going for something that adds volume to the bottom half, keep the top structured. Doing this will ensure that you’re playing up your strengths.

4) Select Comfort Over Trends

This is another one of the mantras I keep repeating to myself and to you over and over again!
Here’s what you should be keeping in mind when you are picking different clothing items.


In order to judge if the top is fitting you well, look at the shoulder seams. If the seams fall on the edge of your shoulders, you need to swipe right instantly!
If you’re buying button downs, in order to steer clear of any gaps in your shirt, just ensure that the fabric of both the ends meets comfortably when you button them up.


When you’re picking a jacket, the same rule of thumb applies – the shoulder seams should fall on the edge of your shoulders. When it comes to sleeves, ensure that they end at your wrist for a crisper look.


A good pair of denim should leave you room to breathe. What can you do to check if it’s fitting you well? Try slipping in two fingers between yourself and the waistband.
The jeans should make you feel confident. If you notice a muffin top – (skin bulging over your waistband), that’s not the right fit for you so you should reconsider.


Dresses have this unique tendency to let you know when it feels just right. When you know your body type, you become aware of the styles that will instantly work in your favor. Pay attention to your body.

5) Custom-Made Clothing

And if there are a few of you who are looking for custom-made clothing, so that you never miss the mark when it comes to shopping for yourself, I’ve found something for you.
I’m yet to try it out, but they get full points from me on coming up with this concept.

E-Shakti customizes clothes made to your size, height, style, and preference and delivers it within 10-14 days!
Now, how cool is that! The rates aren’t steep either. So you could try it out too and let me know what you think of it.

That’s all from me for now, on wearing clothes that fit well.
It’s a change that may take some time but you should start collecting these well-fitted outfits one by one.
It’s not just a fashion change, but a lifestyle one at that.
If you aren’t feeling confident in the way you dress and if you want to change that, look at it as a whole 360-degree opportunity to turn your life around.
Vow to become fitter and healthier.
You don’t need abs to flaunt, all you need is a healthy body and mind to live a fuller life.

That’s what I truly believe in. If you’re happy with your body, you will ultimately start being more comfortable with the fashion you choose.

So don’t just choose fashion, chose yourself, every day!

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