The Business Of Dressing Well For Meetings

I’m just going to go ahead and point out the elephant in the room – I know I’m sitting on the street in my supposed ‘meeting attire’!
But this was way after the meeting was done, and in my defense, will you look at how pretty the street looks? It’s littered with flowers! <3
So can we please let it slide? Pretty please.

Another Disclaimer – If you’re a corporate employee with the classic 9 to 5 hours and a strict office wear dictated, I’m just going to put it out there – This post is not for you.
You can use the clothing ideas for a casual event though, so don’t stop reading just yet! 😉

Now, let me tell you why we’re really here.
We’re here to talk about meetings. The meetings that make your stomach churn up, and the ones you stay up really late at night preparing for.
The meeting that has you all worked up from the moment it’s set up because you know that it is going to be HUGE for your career and you probably get only one shot at dealing with it correctly.
Am I being too dramatic? Good. So now you know what I’m talking about!
When you work as a creative professional, while being dressed formally isn’t necessary, putting your best foot forward is a must!

Now picture this, on the morning of your meeting would you like to spend time looking for what to wear, or rather spend that time in brushing off your presentation, or just spending it focusing on what lays ahead?
We all know what we would prefer to do.
So I have figured out the best techniques that will help you get dressed for any major meeting fuss-free.

Rule 1: Create A Meeting Uniform

Growing up in India, we wore uniforms to school. One of the best things about it was that you didn’t have to wake up every morning wondering what you’re going to be wearing. Now this changed when I entered college naturally and uniforms were no longer required… you get where I’m going, right?
My biggest advice to you is to create a set of at least 3 outfits that you can wear to any business meetings you might have. So when you do have an important one lined up, it’s all about pick and go. No ‘think’ involved.

Here are the three types of outfits you can create:

High-waist pants + Tucked in top

High-waist pants have this unique power of making you look put together. They are great at covering up all the issues around the waist and stomach areas, and the biggest plus, when you bend in a high-waist pant, you can be certain that no unwanted areas are visible.
I’ve paired it with a gingham-top spaghetti top that has been tucked in.
Another tip: Gingham is such a formal print, use it when you’re planning meeting outfits. This is one print that will not let you down.

High-Waist Pants + Crop Top + Jacket

A few weeks ago I covered this look in one of the blogs and I’m reviving it for this one because it is still so relevant. You can read the previous blog here.
It’s Summer and you want to have fun with your outfits, even if it’s for work, so wearing a crop top with a jacket will be such a statement. Bottomline, invest in at least one high-waist pant. It could be the cooler khaki style like I’ve worn above, or this black denim pant which are accentuated with a wide belt.

Dark Denims + Plaid Jacket

Get yourself a good plaid jacket that fits you well. When choosing jackets the most important factor is the fit. So if it’s not fitting you well, if it’s too long or too loose, it takes a few minutes, go and get it altered. Pair it with dark denim pants and boots and you’re good to go. See how versatile this blazer is, here.

Rule 2: Do Not Play With Colors

Contrary to my regular requests where I’m pressing you on to experiment with more colors, here is where you should draw the line.
The most effective way to look good is to have a monochromatic outfit. Don’t believe me?
Look at my three outfits above, and tell me what’s common?
The use of little to no color, that’s exactly the way to go!

Rule 3: Match The Color Of Your Bag With Your Shoes

This is in line with the whole ‘don’t use too many colors rule’. The key thing to remember here is that if you match the color of your shoes to your bag you’re keeping yourself from adding extra colors and that’s how you manage to keep yourself from breaking rule 2. Smart right?
I usually accessorize with black boots/shoes and a black bag – both of which give out Strong and Bold vibes, something you definitely want to communicate about yourself to the person you are meeting.

These three rules should cover you where clothing is concerned. Now clothing isn’t the only thing that’s going to help you succeed, your attitude matters too.
So I’m sharing these key points that you should be aware of when you’re meeting a client:

1) Make them feel heard from the word Go!
When they introduce themselves, and if it is the first time you’re meeting them, always make it a point to say their name back.
For instance:

Client: Hi, I’m Danielle!
You: Hi Danielle, I’m Nikki!

Simple courtesy? Yes. But effective.

2) If you’re meeting is at a restaurant or a cafe, be very careful about what you order. A serving of spaghetti is the last thing you would want. Stay focused, order a coffee and you can eat later.

3) Keep your phone on DND for the duration of the meeting, so that you’re not distracted by the endless conversations that erupt on WhatsApp groups when you least expect it. And also put your phone down screen-first, because getting distracted by your phone lighting up is a real problem.

4) Smile and maintain eye-contact. Smiling and making constant eye contact will relieve the pressure and also ensure that you don’t look intimidated. So even if you are feeling the heat – just smile, it takes a few seconds. Trick your mind into believing you’re okay and trust me you will be.

That’s it from me darlings!
I hope with all my heart that these tips serve you when you most need them.
And if you ever need someone to give you a pep talk on an important day? Slide into my DMs.
I’ve been told that I am especially good at it! 😉

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