Summer Friendly Fashion: Wide-Leg Pants

Hi friends,

Summertime is here and living in L.A. where the temperature soars high it is imperative that we dress to feel comfortable.
Comfort doesn’t always have to mean – a snug t-shirt and shorts.
Now is the time for you to put your creative hats on and create looks that are easy-breezy without compromising one bit on the fashion aesthetics.
Let’s take a look at how you can create a chic look with wide-leg pants (the perfect summer item).

Item 1: Streamline your style with a bodysuit
Bodysuits are a boon for girls who love the tight-tuck. It helps you avoid the messy situation where your tops finds its way out of your pants and the trauma that follows in trying to readjust it. If you haven’t ever tried a bodysuit, I strongly recommend it. While they may take a bit longer to put on, bodysuits are the most functional invention in the fashion world.
The one I’m sporting here is the Becca Bodysuit from Anthropologie.
When you’re picking one of these please take a careful look at the buttons to ensure that they are good quality.
If a bodysuit is not your style, you could also opt for;
Body-fit shirts – For a formal look
Quirky t-shirts – For a modern look
Whatever you pick, ensure you do not pick over-sized tops with wide-leg pants, that’s a complete no-go!

Item 2: Linen wide-leg pants for comfort
The comfort that wide-leg pants provide especially in the linen material is other-wordly.
By being everything that the denim pants are not, these pants when teamed-up with the right type of tops look extremely stylish.
The pants are flattering on every body-type. When you’re picking a wide-leg pant, look for the one that has wider hemlines, it will make your hips appear narrower.
If you love neutrals you can get the one’s I’m wearing, here.

Item 3: A trendy trench
The bodysuit paired with the wide-leg pants when accompanied by a trench will only enhance the overall look.
There are a wide variety of trenches available, you can pick from a flirty design to a subtle one, the options are endless. In the current look I have picked a peach striped trench, you can get it here.
Peach is slowly becoming a fashion favorite and this color’s beauty lies in its true sophistication and elegance.
The trench also provides a stark contrast with the orange bodycon, which I love!

The wide-leg pants have been paired with contrast high-heels from Zara. One very important part of styling wide-leg pants if you’re not tall is to ensure that you’re wearing heels so that your legs seem elongated and you look like you’re a runway model strutting down the street!
While I picked the overall look to be subtle and chic, to add a dash of fun I carried a Coach 1941 bag with cutesy heart and star charms. One of my prized possessions, this bag adds the glam quotient to the otherwise summery-casual look!
Similarly you could pick an accessory that works for you and go with it.
That’s how you can create a look that is really comfortable without compromising on the style.
When it gets too sunny in your city, bring out the trenches and the wide-leg linens and get ready to rule the streets!
I’m sharing a list of my favorite summer items to shop, so get going and make your closet summer-friendly!

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