Styling Sweatpants Right This Fall

Hi Darling,

Cozy weather is just around the corner, and I am so thrilled about wearing comfier outfits.
Isn’t it the best when you can wear sweatpants, anywhere and everywhere?

Let me tell you how I pull off the sweatpants look in any situation.

#1 Coffee Run and Errands

When I am running an errand: I like to keep it simple.
Sweatpants and a white crop top is great. It’s easy to style and if you can accessorize it right, it could go from something you wear on an errand, to something you wear for brunch with friends.

Also, I have to mention that one of my most consistent and favorite errands to run is getting my coffee every morning at Coffee Bean.
Sharing my Hazelnut ice blended custom order with you, try it out next time you’re there and tell me what you think.

    • Half the powder
    • No whipped cream
    • Nonfat milk
    • Double blend

#2 Dinner Meetings

Think sweatpants cannot work for your dinner meetings?
Thin again love.
You can rock these sweatpants with a crop top and a blazer and a pair of chic heels.
A blazer is not just a conservative office wear anymore. It’s as versatile as it gets.

Also if you’re looking for a place to have business dinners, you should definitely consider Catch LA! And Badmaash, West Hollywood. They are my absolute favorites.

#3 Hike It Out

Sports bra and sweatpants are the perfect combinations for an early cool morning hike. Throw on a jacket, if it gets too chilly.

The key right here darling is sustainability. Picking outfits that you can wear countless times and countless ways. While a sweatpant may seem something that is too sporty, there is no reason why you can style it in different ways.

Which of these outfits would you wear darling?
Tell me in the comments below.



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