Styling Secrets For A Petite Body

It’s been a busy few weeks, with me launching the blog and rummaging for ideas on how to make it better for you all.
While I was planning my shoot schedule, my friend Upi stopped by and wanted me to help her put together an outfit for a brunch party at Venice Beach. The stylist in me was all set to go!
That’s when it struck me! For years I have been styling my friends and family and it’s always been such a joy to see my style secrets work for so many different women. I thought it would be great if I could involve you all in this process too so you can learn how to style different body types.
That’s why I’ve started the ‘Styled By Nikki’ segment on my blog so you can all benefit from them! Ready? Let’s begin!
The rule of thumb when it comes to styling yourself is, ‘Don’t be someone you’re not’.
While I was working with Upi to find the perfect outfit for the brunch party I had to work with her figure to find something that is flattering.
Upi has a Body Shape-H, which means that her hips and shoulders are in proportion. If you are someone with a similar body type, opt for clothes that accentuate the thinnest part of your waist, this will help create volume.
I’ve picked a Helena Bow Front Gingham dress for her.
It’s flirty and fun and the ruffles of the dress help show off her proportioned hips and shoulders.
If you too want to add volume to your frame and are opting for ruffles or fringes, ensure that your clothing fits well.
Preferably choose mini outfits that will emphasize your figure.

Up next I choose white toe pumps with high heels that will provide the illusion of height and paired it with netted stockings to add a hint of girlish vibe.
Notice how quickly you can spin this dress off from chic to casual by trading the pumps with white sneakers.

While Upi was all set for the brunch, I took a 360 degree turn and chose a cold-shoulder black maxi dress with floral design.
I chose to play with the opposite nature of our outfits and so I opted for a longer dress.
To top off the maxi dress I wore golden sandals from Schutz that bring in the classiness and a hot pink Gucci bag to keep the playfulness alive.

I love the whole Yin and Yang fusion that is created when both of our looks are put together. One is vivacious while the other is elegant, but both complement our personal styles extremely well.

Hope you loved this specially crafted segment, the stylist in me is especially kicked about styling women of various body types and personalities and bringing you fresh new looks.
For now, if you’re a girl with a petite frame just like Upi, I’ve got a list of recommendations for you below. Do take a look!

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