Stunning Solid Color Dresses You Must Buy This Summer

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

It’s been so hot lately that I, the LOVER of denim has had to let go of it to look for clothes that allow my body to breathe.
Are you facing the same tryst with the Sun God?
Then my two-part dress guide for summers is just what you need Right Now!

What I love about dresses in summer is;
1) The freedom of movement
2) The comfort

While generally Californians love layering up their outfits, this is one time of the year when shedding layers are all you can do!

Being a keen observer of the runway trends I love to blend them in with what I’m going to be wearing each season, and one key trend that stood out was – One Bold Solid Color.

While prints may have the limelight every summer, this season solid colors are catching on too, and I found two beautiful dresses that are in every right as summer-y and gorgeous as they can get!
You can buy the yellow dress, HERE it’s from And Other Stories.
And the Olive Green dress is available, HERE.

Let’s talk about the solid colors you can invest in without any fear this summer season because they definitely will work!

1) Mustard Yellow
I’ve lately been a BIG FAN of this color. It reminds me of sunshine, and yellow is such a positive color that I love wearing.
Did you know? Yellow arouses the brain and helps memory.
Wearing it indicates that you’re full of confidence and you enjoy life. Now, who wouldn’t want to portray that, right?
Sharing some of my most favorite dresses in this color with you all.

2) Olive Green
The world works on the paradox of opposites. So if it is hot, there should be cold too!
Olive green or army green is a cooler color option that you can go for during the hot summer months.
The color is soothing to the eye and brings in a certain sense of calm to your appearance.
When you have a lot going on and on the outside, you want to look like ‘You’ve got this’, wear this color!

3) White
Is it even a summer post if I’m not mentioning this color?
A trick to remember while picking your perfect summer white dress is – since the color white makes the color of your skin appear darker, those of you with lighter skin can opt for bright whites, and those of you with tinted skin can go for the off-white shade.
The use of the color white ensures that you look well-balanced and optimistic.
But be careful, when you wear too much white it can also project coldness and isolation.
So the one trick I follow is to use silhouettes that are fun. Wrap skirts, ruffles, low-necklines, all make-up for this color that may project isolation and instead give you a cool fun vibe.

4) Pink
I cannot think of a better season to get playful in!
The inadvertent effect of summer is tanning – that glorious golden glow needs attention and nothing better than pink to pull it off.
Bright pink shades contrast beautifully with tanned skin.
The color pink projects love, femininity and affection!

If you want to jazz up your solid colored dress, look for colorful accessories to go along with it!

This was my color forecast for this season, I’m so thrilled to finally share it with you.
What are the colors that you find yourself wearing on repeat this summer?
Did I miss out on your favorites?

Why don’t you share them with me in the comments below! 🙂

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