Size Matters – A Guide To Wearing Oversized Denim Jackets

Is this season about shrinking down or going BIG?
A lot of us spend hours at the gym, sweating it out in the bid to trade our winter weight for that glorious summer bod.
Living in a beach city – when the temperatures soar it is only sensible to take off the layers and show some skin, right?

What if I told you there’s another way too!

One of the greatest things about fashion is the freedom to experiment. Sure you have trend reports and fashion icons who dictate the framework under which the season’s styles can be worn. But creativity needs no framework, and your personal style is your own to make!
Sometimes, it is even wiser to go against the tide – let me demonstrate!

When everybody is going short, take a chance and opt for longer silhouettes instead. Like the jacket, I’m sporting in this look.
I’m sharing with you the tips for selecting the perfect oversized denim jacket!

Go Long
Oversized denim jackets are a rage during the summer months, but a common factor that we do see is that their hemlines end above the waist. So while the fit is loose around the shoulders and the torso, the popular length is either crop or waist length. If you are looking to add that unique touch to your outfit then pick a denim jacket that has a hemline which hits your thigh.
It looks like a trench but isn’t one, it looks like a jacket but isn’t one.
Let people wonder!

Patchwork Is In
Patchwork is the poster child of cool!
Don’t you agree?
I love how it brings together different textures to create a beautiful design. The jacket that I’m wearing mixes the darker and lighter shades of denim to create a contrast that is whimsical.

An Oversized Jacket Needs Pocket Space
All those of you who love, love, LOVE pockets, raise your hands!
I love pockets for their vanity over their functionality.
One of my favorite things to do is to take walks around the city, and you know what is better than walking aimlessly and letting your mind wander, walking aimlessly with your hands in your pocket and letting your mind wander!
Small diff? No sir! The latter makes you look thoughtful and interesting. Trust me!

Denim on Denim Is A Big Win
If you are wondering what to pair your oversized denim jacket with, think no more.
The one thing that makes a denim jacket even better is DENIM.
Yes, like I’ve done, pick a crop, put on your favorite pair of denim and you are good to go.
A high profile look that personifies the much sought after California Cool factor, which is not high maintenance at all.
Now, how about that?

Let’s talk body types

  1. If you are busty… you will need to focus on drawing attention away from your heavier half. Longer jackets are great for you, just ensure that they fit you perfectly, don’t go for a long and oversized look. Instead, pick a longer jacket that is more fitted. This is important because if you opt for a cropped jacket, the shorter hem will, in turn, make you look bulkier on the top.
  2. If you are bottom heavy… you need to draw the attention upwards. This can be done by wearing interesting neckline designs, or embellishments which are concentrated in the bust or neck area. The jacket I’m wearing has the perfect length for those of you who fit this body-type. It covers your bottom half strategically to keep it from looking too big.
  3. If you have an athletic shape… you need to add the illusion of shape. Look for styles that have cinched waistlines to give your body a curvier silhouette. When it comes to the fit of the jacket, you’re treading a thin line. Avoid extremes, too oversized or too narrow, both will do more harm than good. So a perfect fit should be on your checklist.
  4. If you are curvy… an oversized jacket like the one I’m wearing is a great pick for you. Pairing it with a crop top that shows off your midriff area is another way to highlight your thin waist, while the oversized jacket will give you an overall fuller look.

A special mention to the petite girls!

If you are petite… In case you’re wondering this post is not for you, here’s a bonus tip just for you. While most body types can carry off this hem-line well, the rules are different for you. I suggest you go for a cropped jacket instead. A long, oversized jacket will overpower you, while a shorter cropper jacket with high-rise jeans will extend your legs and make you look taller.

That is the long and short of wearing an oversized denim jacket!
If you have any questions that you’d like me to answer for you, do not hesitate.
I would love nothing more than to hear you out and share my two cents.

For the book nerds (I can say the word because I AM ONE), if you’ve noticed I’m holding – Heart Talk by Cleo Wade in my hand and I couldn’t end this blog without mentioning it.
You know how sometimes you read some words in a book and then what you’ve read is so overwhelming and has touched you so deeply, that you are forced to shut the book, and just take it all in.
Replay those words in your mind and try to hold on to that feeling of bliss a little while longer.
This book made me feel these exact emotions and quite often so.
I highly recommend it to those of you who love poetry, and even if you don’t give it a try in the spirit of doing something new.

Life is about experiences, and about pushing the needle, for the world yes… but more so for yourself.
It’s true that you get just one life, but the possibilities of what you do with it are infinite!


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      Thanks Tiffany!
      It makes me so happy to hear that you enjoyed the post.


    • June 28, 2018 / 1:33 pm

      Thanks so much!
      I love it too. It just gives an instant life to the outfit!


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      Thank you so much babe!


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