Shop Winter’s Biggest Trends – Vinyl & Faux Fur

Is it Mid-November already?
Winter is almost here and my closet is brimming with winter accessories (berets, scarves, boots). It’s the best time of the year!
So let me break down what’s going to be HUGE this season!
This time around I’m bringing you a bold update to the classic fur coat and edgy vinyl pants – which by the way was a huge hit at the Paris Autumn/Winter 2017 Runway shows!

Step 1: Bring on the Vinyl
I know you’re thinking, is this material for everyone? Well, let me answer that for you – It’s a big fat YES!
Sure we all love to get on board with the latest trends, and I get that vinyl is a tricky material, but here are a few tips that will help you pick the right pants and style them the right way.

  • If you want to show off your legs, go for skinny fit pants. These are perfect for women with an hourglass or an apple shaped figure. It helps play up your shape. The one’s I’m sporting here are OOS. Similar item, here. Mango and Topshop also have great options at jaw-dropping prices!
  • Boot-cut pants are for those of you who have skinnier legs and an athletic body. It will help you play up the volume on your body’s lower half. There are great options available from ASOS and MissGuided.

In my case, since it was a particularly cooler day and I would be out on the streets for the most part of it, I chose to pair my skinny pants with a bold fur coat and a white-tee.

Step 2: Layer It Up
When adding layers, comfort is key. I picked a basic white-tee with a quirky message for my first layer.
Protip: Ensure your outfit works at any layer. If I were to take off my coat and simply walk around in my white-tee and vinyl pants, the outfit would still work.
So carefully select what you’re putting on!

Step 3: Statement Coat For The WIN!
If this is not the perfect time to show-off your coats, then I don’t know what is! Bring em’ all out!
I believe that coats are such a powerful way to make a statement and adding some head turning pieces in your closet will definitely go a long way!

  • If you have a broader waist then waist-length or mid-thigh is the length you should opt for when looking for the perfect outerwear. Love this option from Zara!  Another variant from H&M that is under $80! Those who love a little bit of color, can find it here.
  • Slender waists (Objects of envy) are best paired with coats that are cinched around the waist area, highlighting it perfectly, like this one or here’s another one for under $200 with a button-up waist.

  • If your hips and shoulders are almost of the same width (Fashion Dictionary – Apple shape) what you would need your jacket to do is to tone down the midriff area – go Cray Cray with Ponchos – Patterns, Muted Colors, Deep Hues, and Fur you’ve got an ocean of options!
  • Athletic bodies go best with cropped styles that will help give the illusion of a fuller waist. Here’s also something that combines vinyl and fur from Anthropologie – LOVE IT!

Let me tell you, get these trends into your wardrobe and this winter the temperature is sure to rise!So, do I have any Vinyl and Faux Fur converts yet?
If I’ve made you even consider it, I’m counting that a VIN! (Not A Typo)

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