Shine all Summer with Satin

Have cotton and linen fabrics been your best friends lately?
I feel you.

There are some fabrics which you are asked to stay away from at all costs this season and guess what?
I’m embracing them with wide open.
Yes, you heard it right darlings!

If you are constantly hunting for new fashion trends and if you are anything like me, you must have seen that Fashion Blogger Brittany Xavier launched her holiday collection with Macy’s.
Now this capsule collection was all about being bold and celebrating the epic style of everyday women.
She chose glam fabrics like velvet and satin and while the collection was a Holiday one, and I snagged this beauty as soon as it was live I am honestly loving wearing this Satin Tie Neck Dress this time.

You know why? Because it’s completely unexpected.

So how can you wear it right?

The best way to go for it is to wear it in places where there is a lot of breeze – in other words Beach!

In all honesty I had to visit a party later and I dressed up and on the way decided to have some fun at the beach.

Satin is best worn during evenings when the weather is cooler, but if you are feeling adventurous then I’m sharing some ways you can rock this material.

1) Pair a satin skirt with a t-shirt

Tshirt-s are your best bet against the summer sun and pairing cool tees with a super sleek satin skirt will be a great combination.

2) Go for athleisure

If you want to bask in the unique colors and shine that only satin provides there are tons of athleisure pieces that you can go for. Comfy and good-looking!

3) Flowy Maxi Dresses

While the dress I’m wearing is full sleeves you can trade it in for a sleeveless low-cut maxi dress that is flowy. This will keep the sweat patches at bay.

What is your go-to fabric for summers?
Will you be taking the jump and experimenting with different fabrics?

Tell me all in the comments below darlings!

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