The Right Way To Athleisure And The Only Online Websites You Should Shop From

Always looking for a mix between comfort and what’s on trend?
Me too!

It is easy to slip into your same pair of denim day in and day out, but things begin to get interesting when you get creative.
That’s where Athleisure comes in.
A word play on Athletic and Leisure, this trend aims at bringing together comfort and function – No, it doesn’t mean you’re too lazy to change your gym outfit, believe it or not, this effortless look takes a lot more effort to cook up.
But once it’s ready, you will LOVE wearing it.

I get that cracking the perfect athleisure look can be a little more complicated than the likes of Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner put on, that’s why you have me!

I’m sharing with you The Golden Rules Of Athleisure Wear.

Rule #1 – Invest in Quality
Let me get a little brutal here, nobody likes wearing leggings that are see-through or track pants that are ill-fitting.
Especially if you are going from a literal gym to casual look. Your clothing should be designed to perform. Look for fabrics that are sweat resistant.
If you’re opting for leggings, you can go for high-waisted ones and pair it with a crop top or a sports bra. If you’re going for tracksuit like me, you could opt for tank tops or bodycons to wear.
Quality fabrics may cost a little extra, but you can wear it worry-free.

Rule #2 – Simplicity is Key
One of the biggest downsides of having a trend become so popular so soon, and having every other retailer getting on the bandwagon to promote it is that you are spoilt for choices.
Another thing I have most definitely noticed is that athleisure trend comes with the majority of the options that are high-on color and prints. Now if you’ve already dipped your toe and tested the waters and you want to opt for bolder looks with prints and colors, be my guest. But if you’re reading this, my guess is that you haven’t still tested it out. In this case, I highly recommend that you start off with minimal prints and darker colors. If you’re wearing a pant that is heavily printed, you can opt for a top that is basic, or vice the versa.

Rule #3 – Your Footwear Counts
Choosing the right footwear for your athleisure outfit is an important step! You can either go for trainers, or choose something a little out of the ordinary, like boots, or even stilettos for that matter.
It all depends on the place you’re going and how dressy can you make your athleisure outfit.

Rule #4 – Always Accessorize
Opting for an athleisure look, a simple accessory like sunglasses, or a cap, can take any look a long way.

Now that you know the rules, let’s talk about the athleisure brands that should be on your radar.

Had to mention the brand I am sporting in my look. I love the unapologetically bold designs that this label carries.

Cotton Citizen
Cotton Citizen has beautifully designed athletic apparel with eye-catching colors used!
Made in L.A., it’s cozy, comfortable, and colorful. What more can you ask from a brand, right?


Carbon 38
Looking for lace-up bras or lace-up leggings? This brand knows how to give athleisure a feminine touch. So for those of you who love being sporty, but love looking feminine even more, you’ve got to check it out.


The hoodie collection put together by Forward is pure joy to look at! If you’re looking for that perfect cool vibe that only an oversized, eclectic sweatshirt can bring, look up their collection and you will not be disappointed.


Danielle Guizio
Another unmatched brand when it comes to athleisure that feels like heaven and looks gorgeous as hell, Danielle Guizio is here to save the day!
Bold designs meant to carry you from your workout session to literally anywhere else.

While I have listed my favorite items for you, I have barely scraped the surface.
Once you visit these websites you will find yourself lost in Athleisure Paradise.
If there are any websites that you think are great for athleisure do share them with me too in the comments below, I would love to check them out!

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