Retro Floral Set: Runway To Road Goes To Coachella (Day 2)

Before we begin, if you haven’t checked out the recap of Runway To Road Goes To Coachella Day 1, what are you waiting for? Click here.

I know I promised you the total rundown of my first ever experience at Coachella, so here we go.

Day 1 was all about my excitement eclipsing everything else, I was in the stage where being hot, cold, windy, didn’t matter because you are so immersed in the experience everything else has zero weightage.
Day 2 is when the reality begins to set in and you start realizing; “Oh! I should have packed this!” or “I thought I packed it, cannot find it anymore!”. The internal battle of I-Told-You-So is real!
Because it happened with me, I want to be certain that you don’t go through the same when you are on your way to Coachella.

For my second day at Coachella, I sported a retro floral two-piece set from Shop Planet Blue. I bought it in store so I do not have the exact outfit link to share with you.

Now I’m bringing you 5 things that I learned at Coachella 2018!

#1 Dress For Comfort
Coachella has become a Fashion Weekend!
From thrift store fashion to the most expensive designer pieces, you will spot them all here. It’s a mish-mash of the fashion crazy. Even people who generally wouldn’t care about what they are wearing are seen putting in extra effort to ensure their outfit stands out.
When the pressure to look good is so high, it is always imperative that you take a step back and ensure that you are not sacrificing comfort in the bargain.
Always and I mean ALWAYS ensure that you feel good in what you’re wearing.
This checklist may help:

Pick Sets – When you’re rushing from one show to the other, you wouldn’t want to waste more time trying to decide which top will work well with what short – instead, pick sets – it will save you a lot of time and effort. I think this fashion was born for the desert sun. Crop tops and wide leg pants are a blessing. It makes you feel unrestricted.

Note: I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Avoid anything body-hugging – For those of you even considering something that hugs your body too tight – think about this; You’re going to be spending hours in the desert sun, this translates into perspiration and if your clothes are too tight it is only going to make you that much more uncomfortable. If you do go for fitted options pick cooler materials like linen or cotton (similar to what I’m wearing). Or simply go for maxi dresses, they are flirty fun, and oh-so-comfortable, sign me up!

#2 Pressure of Parking
There are so many general rules attached to parking here, that you need to be really careful when you plan to take your car with you.
Only the people who are camping at the festival ground and have the Camping Companionship pass can park their cars overnight on the grounds.
Any vehicles that are left on grounds post 2 am will be towed.
So be sure to read up about all the information related to parking before you get there so you’re prepared and are not caught off guard.
You can find all the general rules, here.

#3 Food Fundamentals
Coachella strives hard to create an all-inclusive menu for the variety of people who visit. You can find complete details about the various restaurants who will be serving there, from this link.
One major advice for you all is to carry your cash. It’s easier to transact that way and you will thank me later when you wouldn’t have to stand in long ATM queues.

#4 Dehydration Diaries
You’re going to be in the desert for the most part of the day. Battling the sun, heat and also busy having a good time – one thing that can take a backseat would be hydrating yourself enough.
Now this means both internally and externally. Be sure to keep sipping on water or fresh juices so you don’t get dehydrated. Alongside this, also ensure that your skin is taken care of. Moisturisers with hyaluronic acid are your best bet.
Oh and keep a hat handy! I’m wearing one from Show me your Mumu.

#4 Cool Nights Alert
While the day is all about getting through the heat, the night isn’t a relief because it tends to get extremely cold.
I for one wasn’t prepared for this, while I did carry a jacket, it wasn’t a great protection. So when you are making your way to Coachella this weekend or maybe next year, be sure that you have a sturdy jacket that will keep the cool winds at bay.

#5 Bag It Right
I cannot stress enough about the importance of having a small crossbody bag that will carry your essentials and not bring you down when you’re at the festival.
Strip down your essentials to the minimum and carry only those along with you to the festival area.
Here’s what I carried in my bag;

  • Cash for the day
  • Face mist
  • Face wipes
  • Lip color
  • Sunscreen

Bookmark this post for future reference, whenever you’re on your way to Coachella, because I do not want you to forget!

Another thing I wanted to mention is the performances – Beyonce was headlining this year and I cannot even begin to talk about how magical that was. But I do want to mention that the performance I enjoyed the most was Post Malone – he had my heart at “My name is Austin Richard Post, and I’m way too fat to be doing this!’’
It was a treat watching him perform!
That’s not all, the silent disco after the event was next level!

All in all day 2 was the best at Coachella most definitely!
It hit a sweet spot, and I carry that sweet sweet feeling with me as I write this blog.
It’s funny how quickly some experiences become a part of you… And leave you feeling nothing but grateful for being in the right place at the right time.

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