Your Practical Guide To Festival Clothing

This is my favorite time of the year!
The weather is great and holidays are so close. It is also the most epic time to hit-up street festivals in L.A.
There is so much on the scene right now and there is so much to explore – Plus street/beach festivals mean getting a chance to dress up and have some fun. You can check out all about the upcoming events, here.
I’m going to show you how to achieve the perfect look that will make you the star of any festival you choose to attend!
What you’re going to need first is a super-cool t-shirt.
I’ve picked a black t-shirt that has ‘C’est La Vie’ printed on it. I’m up for anything that adds a touch of magic to the ordinary which is exactly why I love printed t-shirts. You can see some of my other favorites, here, here and here.
Up next I’ve picked black denims to go along with the top. Black jeans are definitely a wardrobe essential. And for good reason too. They are flattering and can pull together any look.

Then we have the latest addition to my coat family – the woolly grey trench!
What can I say, it feels like a hug when you wear it. It’s so comfortable I could sleep in it. But its comfort doesn’t take away the fact that it is gorgeous.
To add the final touch I have two star pieces: BOOTS and a HAT!

I love the design on the boots, it’s got a mid-western feel to it. I’ve intentionally picked boots with block heels because that will allow me to be on the road for a long time and not worry about hurting my feet.
The wide-brim hat is a fall-winter accessory you should be holding on to dearly because it is stunning. It is attractive plus it keeps your head warm in the cold weather.
That’s how you can crack an easy-going look that requires little effort to put together but the result is stunning and you will be completely prepared should the night get too cold!

I for one am ready to hit up the most popular festivals in L.A., what about you?

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