Playing Dress-Up With Denims

Hi friends,
It’s the peak of summers and I’m enjoying the sun, sea and sand while livin’ it up in L.A.
This time I’m bringing to you an item that is every girl’s favorite!
What’s the item? Jeans!
Raw-edge denim hems are making a huge comeback.
Top fashion brands are now experimenting with hems like never before.
I am also taking my time and indulging in denim pants that are a huge shift from the ordinary.
My most recent purchase are these denims with tassels at the hem.
They are playful and definitely give me an edge over others.
When you pick denims that are experimental, it is only fair that you also think out of the box when it comes to the top, so I decided to go with a Gingham top!
I love the way a Gingham top compliments one’s body structure, compressing at the right places and flowing without inhibitions at the rest.

Jeans chains according to me are highly underrated.
They are a great accessory for any jeans. They are edgy and complement a look that is unique very well.
The Gingham top that I’m wearing here is styled in two different ways. For those of who you are adventurous with their fashion choices you could opt to wear the top in an off-shoulder style.

If you’re not comfortable wearing an off-shoulder top, you can switch it up so it comes over your shoulders and you’re done!

It is always great to create multiple combinations of the items you’re wearing so you can get the best possible look.
So like I always say, experiment. It might take you a few more minutes to explore your options but as long as the end result is stunning no one is complaining!
While we’re on the subject of denims and styling them right, below are some of my top picks, don’t forget to check them out!

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