Personalized Jewelry by ONecklace: Gift it to Yourself or Your Favorite Girl Friend

Hi Darling,

How much do you love a personalized piece of jewelry?
If your answer to this is a resounding hell yes! Well, then I have something that will make you incredibly happy.

You must have seen me mention Onecklace a couple of times before too.
That’s because I really cannot get enough of the beautiful jewelry they create. One look at their website and you will be spoilt for choices.
They are also a brand that I’ve been partnering with since I started my blogging journey, and over the past three years, I have seen them get bigger and better.

So if you’re looking to get some personalized jewelry let me tell you why you should be going for Onecklace.


#1 Incredible level of customization offered

From material to style, occasions, font, color, or even gifting by your relationship with the recipient is possible.

#2 Adding your birthstone is possible

There is a multitude of positive effects that come with wearing your birthstone. Onecklace lets you add a birthstone to any piece of jewelry.
Birthstones have healing properties and are also known to bring good luck.
You can read about why it’s good to have your birthstone on you here: 10 reasons to wear your birthstone.

#3 It’s affordable

Let’s be honest, we all love a brand that looks expensive but doesn’t dig a deep hole into our pockets.
These customized jewelry pieces are affordable if you want to buy it for yourself or it will also make for incredible gifts.

You can shop the necklace I’m wearing here: Name Necklace with underline Hearts.


Shop the look:


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