Pastel Outfit Combination You Can Steal Right Away

Pastel colored hues remind me of one thing and one thing only – Ice cream!
They are such a happy and calm color family that I see myself going for quite frequently!

Pastels are a bit tough to wear I agree mainly because of their tendency to stain easily – but if we keep that one tiny problem aside, they could be the foundation of a great outfit.
Also, this is why we have the Tide stain remover stick (for tackling unwanted stains)
Now that we have the biggest worry set aside, let’s get down to business!

I’m sharing with you different types of pastel outfit trends that you can experiment with and not just that, I have also curated complete outfits for you, in case you want to shop right away! (Just saying!)

1) Monochrome

This is for all those of you out there who live life on the edge? 😉
Just kidding.
But in all honestly, you really need to be completely aware of what you’re wearing and carry it off with elan, that’s what a complete monochrome pastel outfit is all about.
The one blogger that does pastel and specifically monochrome pastel well is Blair Eadie from Atlantic Pacific. Her Instagram is heaven for monochrome pastel looks!
The best way for you to go for a monochrome pastel outfit is to choose a dress – match the accessories to your dress color and you have yourself a trendy head-turning outfit.

Lavender – If this color doesn’t make you swoon, I don’t know what will!

Pink – Hot pink isn’t the only one that commands attention. When you want to make a statement without being loud, this is the color you should be going for.

Yellow – Well hello sunshine! Wear this color and I bet that sunflowers will be following you everywhere (metaphorically, of course, you get the gist)

2) Mix Pastels

This particular style needs you to get extremely creative.
It’s as simple as the name suggests, mix different colored pastels together and create an overall wow effect!
Confused about how to make it work? Let me help!

Lavender + Yellow – One is a brighter tone and the other a calmer one, it is the perfect pastel color combination. This works great for an important day at work.

Pink Top + Blue Pants – Now this combination is a lot more playful with a combination of pink and blue. The tops I’ve chosen are playful while the trousers are strictly business giving it that imperfect perfect vibe which I adore.

Pastel Green Top + Pink Pencil Skirt – I also love pairing different prints and textures together, trust me it works like magic. Here I’ve chosen a polka dotted shirt that you can tuck into a pastel pink pencil skirt. Ensure it is a loose tuck to add some edgy character to the look.

3) Pastel + Textures + Denim

I’ve saved the best for the last and this style relates to me personally. I love mixing pastels with some essential pieces from my closet. In this look, I’ve picked a bralette and a denim shirt to go with my pastel pants.

I hope you really enjoyed this specially curated segment on pastels from me.
If you want to see more of these in the future, you know what to do! Let me know in the comments below and I will.


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