Oversized Blazers is the new Sexy!

Hi Darlings!

Have you heard less is more, often?
Well, how about I tell you, it’s now time for you to go for MORE!

Oversized blazers are not just something you see pop up on your Instagram feeds.
It’s the armor of a Boss Lady!

Are you thinking… Isn’t a form-fitted blazer the style I should be going for?

Well, yes, you should at all times have a form-fitted blazer in your closet, but here on Runway to Road darlings you know I’m all about helping you push your boundaries of fashion just a little bit.
Also note that an oversized blazer is edgier and chic, if those are the styles you lean towards then it’s something you should try out.

For those of you who might think that an oversized blazer may make you look shorter, don’t you worry? The trick is to alter it to make it reach just below your hip.

So if you’re ready to rock an oversized blazer then let me show you the best ones you can get!




#1 The Over-The-Top

Blazers are all about attracting attention right?
How about going for a style that makes that first part see like a piece of cake?
Statement sleeves are the way to go. Puffed sleeves are such a strong silhouette and you can carry it off with so much sass. What’s more? You can style the blazer with printed pants like I have to make sure you have a winning combination at hand.

Shop the Look:


#2 Go for Solids

A lot of the times when we think of a blazer we think in traditional colors, say black, gray or brown! But the real fun begins when you explore colors. Think of solid colors that you can use to bring that unique element to your outfit! Pick colors that you personally resonate with. If you’re vivacious then go for pinks or purples across tones, if you love to create some drama, there can be nothing better than red.

#3 Metallics

Have an important event and statement blazers or solids are not going to make the cut for you? Have you considered metallics?
It’s strong and edgy. Pair your metallic blazer with subtle colors to bring the whole look together!

#4 Velvet

Another oversized blazer material that will instantly make you look super chic is velvet!
Known for its royal flair, if you’re looking to style an oversized blazer for an evening event, this is what you should be going for.



What are the kind of blazers you love darlings?
Oversized or form-fitted?

Tell me in the comments below!



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