Neutral colors & how to style them – Minimalist Wardrobe

Hi Darling,

Lately, I’m sure you must have noticed a lot of neutral colors on my Instagram feed.
To be honest, I’m obsessed with creating a minimalist wardrobe.

Neutral colors – Colors that aren’t flashy and are muted. They are classics and you can never go wrong with them. They are base colors to any wardrobe.
Remember the classic LBD?

Can you imagine a world without neutrals? I cannot!

So here are my two cents on Neutral colors & how to style them
Black, white, tan, grey, brown, beige, etc. are all neutral colors, there are a few exceptions too.
How do you style it?

#1. When in doubt, choose white!

White is an all-season color no matter what. It’s my favorite too. I am sure you must be having a lot of whites in your wardrobe – All you gotta do is pair with darker tones like brown, green or warmer hues like beige. It will just bring out the complete look!

#2 Accessorize

Go one step ahead: Wear a neutral-toned outfit and brighten it up with colors like red, prints, or black. Add these colors as accessories – adding a little bit of flavor to the entire outfit.

#3 Playing with prints & textures

Neutrals can never be boring if you experiment with different textures. Choose different pieces like denim, lace, linen, etc. and pair them with cotton or silks.

#4 The complete neutral look

Put together a delightful look with complementary tones. Wear slightly different hues of the same color palette (a white and beige or off-white and very light shade of gray) – it creates a classy look. Pair it with darker accessories.

Go ahead, experiment, and let’s keep our outfits interesting, darlings!



  1. Dj
    January 29, 2021 / 8:38 pm

    This is such an amazing outfit

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