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I hope you’re having an excellent week! I’ve been sharing with you guys some of my favorite looks from this last Fashion Week and I wanted to come on here and talk about it a little more in-depth.

If you want to see the schedule for this and upcoming Fashion Weeks you can check it out here.


Photo: Daniel Roseberry for Vogue / Courtesy of Schiaparelli

Now, let’s start in chronological order, and we’re starting strong because first off we have Schiaparelli. Now, if something screams “unconventional” it’s this season’s Schiaparelli’s looks.

For me, these strong, structured looks represent how femininity and strength are closely related. The ode to maternity with the breastfeeding dress definitely enhances that idea.

My favorite one is this gorgeous black dress, I love the detailing on the sleeves and the leather skirt. It wasn’t an easy choice, there were some really amazing dresses on this runway, you can check them all here.

Photo: Daniel Roseberry for Vogue / Courtesy of Schiaparelli


Photo: Elina Kechicheva for Vogue/ Courtesy of Christian Dior

When I tell you I was stunned when I saw Dior’s runway… this is one of my favorite shows so far. Every single design looks like a dream. When I saw it, all I could think of was magic and elegance.

I can’t choose just one look, but I wanted to mention this one since it has some interesting details that I think we can apply to street fashion. First off we have the blazer, I think a textured blazer like this one can be an amazing addition to your closet, the detail on the waist is an amazing way to enhance your figure. 

Next we have the dress, which has this sheer fabric that brings back the femininity to the look since the color and the lines are pretty sober. And finally, the beret, you may have seen me wearing one a couple weeks ago and honestly, I’m obsessed, I think we should totally bring them back!

Photo: Elina Kechicheva for Vogue/ Courtesy of Christian Dior


Photo: Courtesy of Giambattista Valli for Vogue

As you may already know, I’m a fan of neutrals and not such a big fan of really puffy skirts but I think we can all appreciate the genius behind this collection. The looks were inspired by Seville, which is why we can see some spanish elements like an ode to the “mantilla”. 

My favorite dress on this occasion is definitely this one. It’s totally what I would wear after my husbands’ mysterious death… just kidding. Or not.

I’m obsessed with the neckline and the way it falls reminds me of ancient Greece and the sleeves are just amazing.

Photo: Courtesy of Giambattista Valli for Vogue


Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

I’m usually a big fan of Chanel, I like how elegant and classic the looks are, but let me tell you, I wasn’t really impressed with this collection. Don’t get me wrong, there are some beautiful looks and in the end, we’re talking about Haute Couture so everything is exquisitely made but overall, I don’t LOVE any of them. I think I connected more with the scenery and the whole show than the dresses themselves. I really like the wedding vibes, the music, and the horses. For me, they stole the show!

If I had to choose one look, it would be this black dress. I like the silhouette and the neckline, I think it’s something different that I hadn’t seen Chanel do before.

Photo: Courtesy of Chanel


Photo: Courtesy of Armani Privé

Now we’re talking! I absolutely LOVED this show. I enjoyed how elegant all the looks were and the variety of outfits, the detailing of the blazers and how sparkly all of it was. 

I think choosing just one look would be unfair, but for me, this one right here stole the show. The mix between the velvet and the gold detailing makes this one of the most elegant looks I’ve seen so far.

Photo: Courtesy of Armani Privé


Photo: Courtesy of Valentino

Something similar to Chanel happened for me here. I was more excited about the scenery than the looks themselves. I know the collection was supposed to convey effortlessness, but for me, none of the looks stood out. 

There were a couple of dresses that looked interesting but nothing made me say “Wow”. 

The look that I would choose is this one, I like the color combination, the shape of the coat, and how loose fitting it is, reminds me a little bit of loungewear. And after all, this collection was inspired by the current situation and how everyone is staying at home, so it’s no surprise most of the looks are very simple.

Photo: Courtesy of Valentino


Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

Last but not least we have Fendi. There were a lot of familiar faces on this show and I think that also made it more interesting. I LOVED the scenery, it was very modern and reminded me a little bit to quarantine, with everyone separated into boxes. 

Something I liked about this collection is how wearable the looks are, especially my favorite one, which was worn by Demi Moore. I really like the neckline and the sleeves, and as you guys already know, I’m a huge fan of black, so this is definitely something I could see myself wearing.

Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

Let me know what you think about these shows, which one was your favorite, and if you would like me to recreate or get inspired by one of these to create an outfit!

See you soon!

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