Hi darling!

Recently I posted on my Instagram talking about loungewear and the future of fashion, so I wanted to come over here and elaborate a little bit more since it started the conversation and I got a lot of feedback from you guys!

So it’s no secret that fashion is evolving, we can see it at the stores, over on Instagram, and even on the street. It seems as if everything is moving towards a more comfortable style, and not only fast fashion, but also haute couture. If you go to my last post, you will see how for Valentino’s 2021 Spring Collection, the idea was to convey effortlessness, there were a lot of loose-fitting pieces, wool sweaters, and overall comfy looking clothing.

And in a very Carrie Bradshaw moment it made me wonder: is this the end for high heels and glam looks?

Now, I’m completely sure that once this whole situation is over the clubs will be flooded by beautiful girls wearing the most amazing outfits that they bought online during quarantine, but I mean for everyday life, is it possible that slowly business casual becomes more casual than business?

I’ve noticed that recently, lots of designers are changing the game, stepping away from trends and focusing more on timeless pieces, and weirdly enough, this is where loungewear takes place.

Throughout history the way clothes fit has changed, silhouettes are entirely different from decade to decade and I’m completely sure this will keep happening until the end of times but I think the difference will be how we archive said silhouettes.

For centuries women were used to wearing corsets to create that perfect tiny waist, but in 1900 that completely changed, wars made people reconsider many aspects of their lives, and one of them was clothing. It’s obvious that important events affect us all and change the way we see things, and this pandemic is no exception.

One of the main differences is how many of us started working from home, which led to people working on their PJ’s and occasionally putting on a nice shirt when they had zoom meetings, and the fashion industry definitely noticed that so they decided to give us alternatives.

Nowadays you can find at least one loungewear collection in every brand, so that tells us something.


Personally, I think that loungewear is one of the best things that happened last year, and that doesn’t mean that all I wear every day is sweatpants or PJ’s, but I love having the option to combine more comfortable clothes with my traditional pieces, and to be honest, I also appreciate how it’s becoming socially acceptable to wear this kind of clothes in public.

Now, I want to know what you guys think, do you like loungewear or do you think that we’re slowly becoming lazier when it comes to fashion?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below and if you would like me to make a post talking about my favorite loungewear pieces and how I style them.

See you soon!

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