My Quarantine Story

Hi Darlings,

So much is changing so quickly, don’t you think?
Suddenly, there is so much to do, being at home, and also there is so little to do.

I wanted to share with you my quarantine story… talking to you is one of my releases, and I think it’s the best use of the time I have been given.

It started off, just the same… probably you went through it too. How we all thought, the Coronavirus is something that’s happening on the other side of the world. It seemed distant.
And there were oceans separating us. Until suddenly, and all too quickly, it wasn’t.
The virus had invaded our home and was threatening our freedom.

I still remember the day before the lockdown was announced, it was the last time I had a photoshoot.

Generally, I tend to do a couple of photoshoots in a month, so I can create my editorial calendar, and share content with you regularly. So I stepped out with my photographer Kristen to get some content, not knowing that it was going to be the last time that I would step out.

I’m thankful that happened because I had brand commitments, and if not for that shoot, I wouldn’t have been able to deliver my content on time.

The next day the lockdown was announced and life came to a standstill.

It took time for me to understand what was happening. The constant news intake was driving me up the walls.
The worst part about it all is, knowing that in some sense there is a war that the healthcare workers are waging right now, in every hospital across the globe. And here we are at home. Trying to get by. So while there is so much negativity around the current situation, I wanted to do something for my peace.

That’s when I decided that I’m going to use this time, to push things off that I just never got the time to do before.

As a fashion blogger, work has almost come to halt, with no upcoming promotions, but also work never really stops.
Let me tell you what I have been up to.

1) Organizing

One thing I would definitely like to say is, if Monica were to look at me organize and rearrange my house during quarantine, she would definitely be proud. Every day, I looked at one specific part of my house and got to cleaning it. It’s times like these you realize that you are piling up so many things in your home that you don’t end up using. So decluttering was the main thing on the agenda for me. If you are looking for some organization tips yourself, I think you will find this article really helpful, read here.

2) Planning and Strategy for Runway to Road

I have been taking time out to write down my plans for Runway to Road. A lot of times, in the day to day activities we can miss looking at the big picture. Now with the day-to-day activities coming to an abrupt halt, we’re forced to look at the big picture. You should try it too. Have you always wanted to start a business? Sit down and write your business plan. Want to start a podcast or a YouTube channel? Your camera is all you need.

Also, I’m excited to mention that I will be launching my podcast really soon. So that’s one thing I have been neglecting, and now I’m getting around to doing it. Sharing some of the resources that can help you.

  • If you want to get started on your Business – 7 Steps to a Perfectly Written Business Plan
  • Want to start your career off as an Influencer? Julie Solomon’s podcast is a great place to start. Listen to it, here.
  • If you want to just rethink what you have been doing so far, and want to plan your life better, this article from Lifegoals.mag is amazing. Read it here.
  • Mindvalley is also a great resource for those who want to transform their personal life. They have a wide range of courses from physical health, to mental health. I have attended a few free workshops and found them extremely helpful.

3) Invest your time in learning

No matter the situation you’re in, learning should never stop. So I have been using this time, to just absorb everything there is out there to improve myself and my work.

These are some of the things I have been investing my time in:

  • Workshops by Rupi Kaur – Who doesn’t love Rupi Kaur? She knows exactly how to write what every brown girl across the globe feels, with such honesty and passion. I was so thrilled when she announced Live Instagram Sessions, so whenever there is a workshop I make sure that I join in.
  • Photography tips from Kristen – Kristen is my photographer and I love how she has been sharing everything she has learned online through her blog. She has been posting tips regularly and I’m really excited to learn how the magic behind the camera takes place.
  • Social Media Examiner and Gary Vee are my sources to develop my marketing skills.

3) Invest in Self-Care

Take some time out every day for yourself. Even when you have all the time in the world, it is possible to let things slip, and not take care of your body and mind.
But don’t let that happen to you darlings.
I have been taking part in online meditation sessions, and I will share another blog with you where I speak about the moon meditation sessions I have been a part of.

4) Find a cause

It can feel overwhelming to not be able to do anything to help with the crisis. But you could stay at home and help. #GetUsPPE is a movement directed to help the healthcare workers get personal protection equipment like masks, gowns, etc. so they can stay safe as they combat the crisis. There are various ways you can help.
Check their website here.

These are all the ways I’m keeping myself busy.
I know that we’re constantly seeing content on the internet asking us to use this time to be productive, this blog being one of them but not everyone can or is in the mental state to do so.

So if you don’t feel like doing anything on some days darlings, it’s okay.
Don’t be too hard on yourself.
The energy around us right now is very heavy, and it can get to us, we’re human after all.

So take some time. Sleep it off or watch something you love.

When the world gets too much for me I just put on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and go into my happy place.

Maybe you can too!



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