Hi darling!

So we’re back with trending Tuesdays and today I want to show you a few accessories that I’ve been seeing a lot lately and honestly, I’m obsessed.


I’ve been seeing these kind of phone chains everywhere and I absolutely love them, they add such a fun touch to your phone and it also helps to prevent from dropping it so that great as well.


Very similar to phone chains, I find mask chains really useful! Not only they can be a cute accessory, but they also help with keeping your mask with you at all times so you don’t forget about it (seriously, you guys have no idea how many times I had to go back home because I forgot my mask).


Ever since I saw Dua Lipa wearing them I became completely obsessed, they’re such a fun way to add a pop of color to your outfit and there is a huge variety so you can mix and match them however you like.

Let me know which one of these trends is your favorite and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram so you can participate in my trend polls!

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