Matching Set – The Best Way To Wear A Crop Top

Well, hello beautiful, glorious fall!
Before we know it winter will be here and I plan to take advantage of this amazing weather before busting out my winter wardrobe.

I’ve been leaning towards crop-tops recently and I thought of sharing one of the best ways for you to sport one – Match it with a full-length skirt.
Crop tops are ever-so-amusing and they have been in and out of the fashion scene, but honestly there has never been a better time to invest in one.

They say the best things come in pairs and I couldn’t agree more. If you’re confused about what you could possibly pair a crop top with and how would it look on? The answer is simple, buy a set.
A set outfit lays down the very essence of your whole look so you don’t have to get worked up.
Imagine, it’s like a stylist picking out your perfect outfit for you. The way you add your personal touch to it, now that’s something that you can get right with trial and error.

You see me wearing a set from Free People that has an oh-so-gorgeous floral design. The crop top and the long skirt makes for an amazing contrast. I’ve picked a flared skirt that helps add volume to my overall look.
You can opt for a form-fitting skirt that helps accentuate your curves.
Also, adding a dash of reckless abandon to the look is the wool jacket. I’ve picked a bag that will complement the jacket with the black and shaggy look.
Keep the shoes on-point with something feminine and you’re all set to rule the streets with that gorgeous outfit!
What are my favorite crop top sets? Well, I’ve picked them out for you. Enjoy!

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