How To Master A California Girl’s Style

While French Girls are revered for their chic avatar, California girls are always envied for their effortlessly cool fashion.

The Golden State with all its sunshine and abundant beaches + being the melting pot of different cultures that it is has given rise to a brand of fashion that has ‘Carefree but Polished’ written all over it.
What is it about Cali girls that makes even basic jeans and tee, look oh-so-stylish?

Before we dive deeper, shop this look below!

Note: I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Are you ready to embrace the true west-side spirit?
Let me take you through the items you NEED TO HAVE in your closet if you want to imitate the Californian Cool!

Everyday Jeans
A Cali girl can never have too many pair of jeans. It is our staple style. You can experiment with the types of denims available, but ripped jeans, and skinny jeans are the all time favorites.
The jeans I’m sporting in my look is from No Rest For Bridget – you can buy it here.
This is one brand that doesn’t disappoint me when I’m hunting for closet staples that are modern and chic.

Trendsetter Top
While we like our denims to be classic, we dare to get experimentative with our tops. I’ve chosen a ruffle sleeve top. My, body type is pear-shaped this means that my bottom half is heavier than my top – in order to combat this I need to ensure that when I pick tops, they need to have a bit of a volume so as to make up for a smaller upper body. That’s exactly what my top is doing here.
I’ve linked similar tops for you below.

That’s not all, your wardrobe will need a basic white t-shirt that just falls freely over your body. When in California, it is a necessity.

Sassy Sunglasses
Leave your house without sunglasses? NEVER!
You will never ever see a cali girl compromise on her sunglasses. They have to be in-style each time. I’ve picked oversized sunglasses from DIOR. Spring season’s sunglasses trends is all about going big and small at the same time. So you see oversized sunglasses fighting for attention against the micro-sunglasses. If you’re in the market for buying something new, I’ve listed the trendiest options for you below.

Attention-Seeking Booties
Your boots need to scream for attention! Ordinary will just not do. California is a place where classic and trends both find harmony, so does its fashion. For instance, you see me wearing black booties which are a classic, but then you spot the stripes which are trendy – a perfect match. In case you’re wondering, these boots are from the TommyXGIGI collection.
Sharing some of my most favorite boots with you!

It would be a crime if I didn’t mention the infamous sneakers that we all love! While for this look I skipped sneakers, I have shortlisted the best sneakers for you.

Anything But Basic Bags
For most girls in California, handbags are a big no-no. You would either see them sporting backpacks, crossbody bags, or the ever so popular belt bags – unless they are head for a day at the beach then it would have to be a flirty tote. The basic rule is to not have handbags pull you down. We’re always on the go and freedom of movement is necessary, plus we don’t lug a lot of things around – so small bags to carry just the right amount of essentials is the way to go!

Minimalistic Jewelry
Understated jewelry that speaks to your true personality is something that will work best. You see me sporting a cute minimalist necklace from Tiffany and Co. You can also opt for multi-layered neck-pieces. A few of my favorite brands to shop from are Shakti Jewelry, Bychari and Kendra Scott.
I’ve also listed some of my other favorites below.


And that’s how ladies you can draw the California Cool to your closet no matter where in the world you’re based.
It’s all about being comfortable in your skin and wearing pieces that will complement that sense of personal freedom – if that is exactly the kind of fashion you like, then I have to tell you, you’ve been inducted as a California Cool Girl already!

Best Websites To Shop From:
No Rest For Bridget


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