Last Minute Festival Outfits You Need Right Now

Coachella is here… Almost – with this weekend being it’s first for 2018!
I’m super kicked for two MAJOR reasons;

1) Guess who is going to Coachella for the very first time – ME! (Late to the party? I think not! I mean, after all, Queen B is performing this year)

2) Fashion – If there is one thing that is talked about as much as the line-up at Coachella and sometimes, even more, it’s got to be the Fashion. I’m ready to set my eyes on some gorgeous festival fashion!
While we’re on the subject of fashion I wanted to make sure that each of you who are visiting can get a dose of inspiration, for some last minute outfit ideas! And for those of you who are not going, well, Dress For It anyway!

You can shop my look here!

Note: I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

I’m bringing you a list of essentials that you need when you’re shopping for the BEST WEEKEND OF THE YEAR!

Transformative Tops
Crop tops and front ties have always been the rage at Coachella, we’re going for an essential carefree vibe – so showing some skin is A MUST!

Darling Dresses
The keyword to dress for Coachella is carefree! And flowy dresses are the epitome of the everything cool! Pick ruffles, higher slits, patterns and prints.
Go bonkers, try out something new!

Just Jumpsuit
At Coachella, you will also be rushing to various performances one after the other, and honestly I’m sure at one point you would just want to put on something without thinking about it too much, jumpsuits are the easiest way out for you! Just put it on, accessorize a bit, and you’re good to go!

Cut-Off Shorts Calling
Now these are Coachella’s uniform! No visit to Coachella is complete without you strutting the festival area in your most comfy pair of cut-offs! If you’ve been looking for something new, I’ve got some recommendations. Check it out!

Hair Accessories Wanted
Flower crowns are passe, it’s time to experiment!
Try hair accessories like, berets and scarves that are not just a fashion accessory, but will also protect your hair in the desert.
If you’re a ‘crown’ kinda girl, pick something that’s not restricted to flowers!

This is how you can prep for Coachella – hope you found this post helpful!
I’m super excited to bring you some amazing content from when I’m back – and also super thrilled to have you see what I’ve planned to wear there.

Do stay posted for all the updates – and if you are at Coachella this weekend, and spot me do come over and say hi! Nothing will make me happier than meeting you!

Best Websites To Shop From:
Love Shack Fancy
Free People


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