How to wear a shirt dress

Hi Darling!

Did you miss me? I sure did! Lately I’ve been way more active on my instagram but I really missed being able to just ramble on and connect with you over here.

Today I want to tell you about this new addition to my closet: the white shirt dress. I’m sure you’ve seen it all over the runway and I want to tell you my favorite ways to style it.

Runway_To_Road_White_Shirt_Dress  Runway_To_Road_White_Shirt_Dress  Runway_To_Road_White_Shirt_Dress

As you probably know already, I get most of my inspiration from the runway and I saw this picture from Alexander Wang’s 2020 campaign and I was completely captivated because of how simple and yet full of possibilities the silhouette was.


I joked over on my instagram about how this totally looks like a men’s shirt and it makes me want to raid my partner’s closet looking for new outfits, and the truth is that It’s not such a crazy idea, I think you can perfectly replicate this look with an oversized men’s shirt (whether you thrift it or steal it from your partner).


One of my New Year’s resolutions for this 2021 is to educate myself on more sustainable fashion and how I can apply it to my day to day life, and thinking of different ways to wear clothes is a great option that allows you to wear the same piece many times without feeling repetitive, minimizing the amount of clothes that we buy. I’m not going to lie, I love shopping, but I think it’s important to find a way to be more responsible with the environment and as we all know, the fashion industry can be very harmful to it.


Now, here I decided to wear the dress with a black cropped top to remind myself that I have a waist and went for pointed black thigh high boots to elongate my legs. As always, I love to accessorize so a black bag, sunglasses and a classy phone case completed the look.


This is a very classic outfit, but you can always dress it down depending on the occasion, just remember that since it has a very loose shape you should always balance it with pieces that give it that bring back structure. 


Don’t forget to experiment with your own style, and make sure to tag me on instagram if this inspired you.


See you soon!



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