Hi darling!

So it’s been a year since the world went crazy and I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like march 2020 was a thousand years ago. I think our lives have changed significantly but we still try to keep everything as normal as possible. 

One of the things that have surprised me is something I’ve already talked about on previous blogs and that’s loungewear. 

I feel like the world is just moving towards a more comfortable style so I wanted to share with you something that has become my uniform since a while ago and that’s sweatpants.

We all know how comfy they are, sometimes we limit ourselves to just wear them at home but I’ve found a way to take them outside and make them look stylish so I want to give you a few examples of how I style them.



Who said sweatpants can’t look glam? One of my favorite things to do is pairing sweats with high heels or boots to dress them up. They work as a perfect basic piece and give me all the freedom to accessorize however I want.



This is an obvious one but there is a reason why it’s a classic. This is the best option for days when you have to run errands and want to be comfy. I make sure to pair them with a plain top and my favorite sneakers for a minimalist look.



This is my in-between look. It’s not as boujee as the street style but it’s not as simple as the sporty. I really like wearing this kind of look to go out with friends or with my husband for a very chill plan. This is also a great alternative for the days when I go boxing since I can wear this to work and then go boxing afterward. As I always say, a nice bag can elevate a look and make it so much better so that’s my tip if you want to try this style.

Now, let me know which style was your favorite in the comments, and make sure to follow me on Instagram for more!

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