How To Style Cargo Pants – Most Asked Google Questions Answered

Cargo pants are a fresh breath of air -their number one plus ‘COMFORT’!

This lighter fabric feels great to touch and gives you all the freedom to move about without feeling the slightest bit constricted.

So when I took to google to find what women are talking about cargo pants, I saw some questions that were popping up so frequently – and guess what I realized – that tips for styling cargo pants should be on Runway to Road.

So let’s get on to answering these questions darlings!

Q.1: What color top goes with cargo pants?

A: So here’s one styling secret that works every time. It’s a no-brainer – without a doubt if you are ever confused about what color top you should be wearing not just with cargo pants, but anything, opt for monochromes.
Pick a black or a white and you should be good!
If you want to get really experimentative go for a denim shirt with your cargo pants.
Adding two varying textures will work wonders for your outfit.

Q.2: Are cargo pants in style?

A: Always. Cargo pants are the poster child for laid-back, messy street style. And guess what! That’s the best way to wear it. I mean, have you seen how well Jennifer Aniston rocks them?
Sure you can style it with something formal too. But when the pants themselves demand comfort, who are we to deny its request, right? 😉


Q. 3: What shoes can I wear with Cargo pants?

A: Here’s a list by, that I swear by. They are referring to Khaki pants – it works for khaki colored cargo pants too.

What Shoes to Wear with Khaki Pants
#15 – Khaki Suit Pants with White Shoes
#14 – Khaki Pants with Leather Espadrilles
#13 – White Khaki Pants with Red Tassel Heels
#12 – Khaki Pants with Wedge Heels
#11 – Khaki on Khaki with Animal Printed Shoes
#10 – Khaki Pants with Ankle Strap Heels
#9 – Khaki Pants with Oxford Shoes
#8 – Khaki Pants with Flip Flops
#7 – Khaki Pants with Heels
#6 – Khaki Pants with Sneakers
#5 – Celebrity Style Nude Khakis with Velvet Shoes
#4 – Business Casual Look – Khaki Pants with Loafers
#3 – Khaki Pants with Flat Peep Toes
#2 – Khaki Pants with Boat Shoes
#1 – Street Style Khaki Pants with Boots (Needless to say, this was my top pick)

Q. 4: Are Cargo pants business casual?

A: They can be anything you want them to be. Although, as I mentioned earlier, I would prefer it to be casual, but if you want to go for a business casual look, here’s what you can do;
#1: Pair your cargo pants with a formal top and wear stilettos for a final touch.
#2: Wear a monochrome t-shirt with the front tucked in and top it off with a straight jacket.
#3: Wear your pants with a crisp denim shirt.

Those were the most asked questions answered, just for you darlings now coming up next to my style.

I’ve paired my gorgeous cargo pants from Bernard Douglas with a strapless crop top.
I have to mention that the biggest pain point I generally have with cargo pants is the fit, but these pants fit like a dream without compromising one bit on comfort. You can but it here.
Now that’s a very tough target to achieve.
The colors in the outfit are understated, which is why I went for faux snakeskin boots that are in trend right now, and I added a micro bag to the mix for that extra edgy effect.

If you were to style these super cool pants, what would you do?
Let your imagination run wild darlings, and share it with me in the comments below!

Accordion Cargo Pants: Sponsored by Bernard Douglas
Snake Effect Boots: Mango
Micro Bag: And Other Stories (Currently Unavailable)


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